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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Area Transport Plans

The suite of Area Transport Plans for the East, North West, and South have been written to assist in the development of future projects and programmes in an effort to provide a high quality and integrated transport network. These documents provide the context and evidence base for projects we would like to take forward in future years.

The West Midlands Local Transport Plan 2011-2026 “Making the Connections” sets down the strategic principles of smarter management, smarter choices and smarter investment which will provide a major catalyst for economic growth and regeneration. Future projects will contribute to the five objectives, ten themes and fourteen targets.

By looking at key areas of demographics, road safety, accessibility, congestion, public transport, cycling and walking networks, as well as discussions with planners and stakeholders in the constituencies, we have been able to highlight deficiencies and issues. As a result of the data analysis and the discussions, a programme of value for money schemes for each area has been developed to tackle the issues highlighted.

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East Area Plan

North West Area Plan

South Area Plan