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Budget 2014-15

IM Budget Book Cover 2014-15

Budget and Council Objectives

A Future Council

Birmingham City Council has undergone the most extensive service review it has ever conducted, with more residents than ever before participating. The aim is to make significant savings. Changes in how services will be delivered are reflected in the budget plans for 2014-15.

The core mission of the City Council is to work together to create:

A fair city: where people are safe, healthy and not living in poverty.

A prosperous city: where businesses flourish, where people have education and training and where unemployment is low.

A democratic city: where people have more say in local decision-making.

Birmingham City Council's priorities

It is critical the Council prioritises how it uses diminishing resources. In the year ahead the focus will be on :

  • Protecting the most vulnerable citizens of the City from the impact of cuts. Priorities are children, young people, and social care for adults with substantial or critical needs.
  • Protecting the highest priority services and delivering them more efficiently. Priorities include essential environmental services such as refuse collection.
  • Taking forward the policy development programmes most critical to our goals.
  • Continuing to work towards our objectives and getting the most from the significantly reduced resources available.

A new structure with new goals

The Council is committed to changing the way it delivers its services and will workwith others to seek new providers and work differently by joining services. This is to ensure provision is focused on the ‘whole person’ or ‘whole place’ rather than requiring people to access lots of different services.

During 2014-15 the Council will be creating a new streamlined structure of three directorates –

People, Place and Economy.

People: supporting children, young people and families, helping disabled people, older people, education and public health

Place: delivering localisation and clean, green and safe neighbourhoods

Economy: bringing jobs to Birmingham and helping local people access them.

Council Tax

There will be a rise of 1.99 per cent in the City Council’s element of the Council tax for 2014-15. Central Government offered a grant to councils who freeze their council tax at the current levels for 2014/15, but if the Council takes this grant rather than increase council tax, it will end up with around £1.7m less income in 2014/15 and each year after this. If the Government was to continue to offer a freeze grant in similar circumstances in future years, the negative impact on Council income would get greater and greater. So freezing council tax means more savings would need to be found elsewhere.

The new service review process 2014

As with last year’s process, Birmingham City Council will engage in a public dialogue on the initial findings of new service reviews now being commenced, before the formal public consultation on the 2015-16 budget takes place at the end of the year. For more information on the consultation process please visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/budgetviews

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