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Preventing and Tackling Bullying in Birmingham

Anti-bullying week in Birmingham 17-21 November 2014

anti bullying week

You can:

Organised by Birmingham's Bullying Reduction Action Group (BRAG), in partnership with SAMPAD Asian Arts and Link2ICT.

More Anti-bullying week information and resources are available at www.anti-bullying alliance.org.uk.

Why don't you post this clip on your website or tell people about it via social media? Anti-Bullying Alliance definition of bullying

Bullying is.........
the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.

What to do when bullying happens:

If you are a child being bullied
Get help here

If you are concerned about a child being bullied
Get help here

If you are a professional working with children
National Guidance is here

Birmingham's Bullying Reduction Action Group (BRAG)

BRAG is an inter-agency group of anti-bullying providers, educators, health services, police, schools, early years settings, community, youth and third sector organisations who work together to prevent and tackle bullying of all children in Birmingham.

We work in partnership with several national agencies and are active members of the national Anti-bullying Alliance.

We have worked closely with Link2ICT, SAMPAD and the Anti-bullying Alliance on our Birmingham Anti-bullying Week events and challenges.

anti bullying week