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Regional Planning - Birmingham Within The West Midlands

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Birmingham is the regional capital of the West Midlands. It is the economic, social and cultural focus of the region, which extends north-south from Stoke-on-Trent to Ross-on-Wye and east-west from Oswestry to Rugby. Over 5 million people live in the West Midlands region.

You can find links to all the Local Authorities through our list of Strategic and Local Planning Authorities' websites.

Regional Spatial Strategy for the West Midlands - January 2008

The current Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) for the West Midlands was published in January 2008. This document may be viewed and downloaded from the former West Midlands Regional Assembly web site.

The RSS forms part of the statutory development plan and sets the context for individual local authority development plans, including the Birmingham Plan, and the new style Local Development Framework (LDF) which will eventually replace it.

The Coalition Government has confirmed its intention to revoke the Regional Spacial Strategy through the Localism Act, but at this stage it is still in place.

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Last Updated : 18th June 2012