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Responding to the challenge, looking to the future

2015/16 Budget Consultation

The consultation on Birmingham City Council's budget proposals for 2015-16 has now concluded, and the council is considering the feedback it has received.

We need to make substantial cuts to services for the next financial year with pressures on finances expected to continue until at least 2018.

This means planning for a future with a lot less money to spend on services for Birmingham’s citizens. Some services will need to change substantially, and some may need to be cut altogether.

Our proposals

Our plans for the future of the council – service by service – are outlined in a ‘white paper’.

We plan to develop a new model of city government better suited to the needs of our citizens. You can read more about how we propose to do this in the white paper document.

You can download the white paper as a PDF

Or view the online version (which can also be downloaded as a PDF).

Individual factsheets on the proposals

There is also a factsheet for each proposal that gives more detail about the proposed changes in different areas of the council’s work and the implications of these changes.

The areas covered by these factsheets are
Adult Social Care
Births, Deaths and Marriages
Business and Employment
Children and Young People
District Services
Environment and Waste
Finance and Support Services
Libraries, Museums, Arts and Heritage
Parks and Leisure
Planning and Development
Public Health
Safety and Equality
Traffic and Transport
Welfare and Advice Services

Have your say

The council budget consultation for 2015+ concluded on 12 January 2015.

Public meetings

We held two events in December 2014 where members of the public were able to have their say.


Two live webcasts were held in which Leader of the Council, Cllr Sir Albert Bore and council cabinet members answered questions on the budget proposals.

These webcasts are available to watch online:
10 December 2014
7 January 2015 2015

What will we do with your feedback?

All survey responses and comments received will be incorporated into a feedback report. This will be used to shape the final budget and will be published on this webpage.

The journey to reach these budget proposals began in January 2014 with a series of council service reviews, when everything the council does was looked at carefully.

The ideas that came out of these service reviews were published in a ‘green paper’ for discussion in October. Residents, local organisations and staff were all given a chance to comment on this and the ideas were used to help shape proposals for the ‘white paper’.

You can find out more about the service reviews and the comments we received.