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Birmingham City Council Cultural Services

Our vision is for Birmingham to be a continually surprising city where the vibrancy and diversity of culture inspire the people who live, work in and visit the city, and bring economic success and international recognition.

The priorities we work to are drawn from the Council Plan and Cultural Strategy. The Council Plan Strategic Outcomes include

Enjoy a High Quality of Life – benefit from good housing and renowned cultural and leisure opportunities.

This is the overarching aim for Cultural Services supported by;

  • Succeed economically – benefit from education, training, jobs and investment
  • Stay safe in a clean, green city – living in safe and clean neighbourhoods
  • Be Healthy – enjoy long and healthy lives
  • Make a contribution – value one another and play an active part in the community

Birmingham’s Cultural strategy- expresses the shared priorities of the partners within the Birmingham Cultural Partnership. For the purposes of the strategy, 'Culture' is defined as including arts, museums, heritage, sport, sporting events, libraries, archives, creative industries, film and tourism. The benefits of participation in cultural activities can produce a range of individual and group outcomes including a sense of identify and belonging, social and community cohesion, civic engagement, economic impact, development of transferable skills; increased knowledge, experience and understanding of the world we live in and improved health and wellbeing.

Birmingham Arts Survey - Since 1999 the Birmingham Arts Survey has helped us the demonstrate the range and scale of arts activity in Birmingham, numbers of people involved and the importance of the arts to the city's economy. This data continues to be vital to advocate for the arts and cultural life of Birmingham, it's economic and social impact.

The following services, activities and facilities are part of Culture and Visitor Economy within the Economy Directorate of Birmingham City Council:

Community Arts and Local Arts Fora: Local Arts Activity

Funding for third-sector arts organisations: 2015 - 16 Arts Activities Commissioning

Young People's Art: Young People's Cultural Entitlement

Birmingham Public Art Strategy and Gateway Group

Filming and Location Support throughout Birmingham: Film Birmingham

Birmingham Museums Trust Commissioning: Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

Library of Birmingham Commissioning: LoB

Equality and Diversity Information

Customer Service Excellence, The Government Standard

During 2011/12 we asked our commissioning clients the following questions.

Does our performance in relation to timeliness and quality of service compare well with other commissioning bodies?
17% of our clients said our service was better
58% of our clients said our service was the same
25% of our clients said our service was worse

Are you satisfied with the following customer service in relation to this funding?
100% of our clients said they were satisfied with our support
73% of our clients said they were satisfied with our timeliness
91% of our clients said they were satisfied with our access
82% of our clients said they were satisfied with our communication
91% of our clients said they were satisfied with our information
82% of our clients said they were satisfied with our quality

Your Views Are Good News

We would like you to tell us what you think of our services. It’s always great for us to hear when things go right but crucially, it’s important for us to know if we get things wrong.

Birmingham City Council Culture Commissioning Tel: 0121 303 2434, email: arts.team@birmingham.gov.uk, www.birmingham.gov.uk/arts