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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Household Recycling Collections

Up until now only plastic bottles, tin cans, glass bottles, paper and card could be collected for recycling at the kerbside, but with immediate effect, households can now add plastic pots, tubs, food trays and aluminium foil to their green recycling boxes or in the body of their recycling wheelie bin.

Whilst the range of items that can be recycled is expanding, there are still many plastic items that cannot be accepted due to processing limitations these include all types of black plastic, all types of plastic bags, wrappers, polystyrene, Tetra Paks and films. Also, all other non-packaging plastic items such as toys, washing-up bowls and buckets.

The plastics that are now accepted within Birmingham’s recycling boxes and recycling wheelie bins are:

• Plastic bottles of all types
• Yoghurt pots
• Margarine tubs
• Ice cream tubs
• Plastic trays (e.g. from chocolate and biscuit boxes) that are NOT black in colour
• Trays from meat and fish
• Fruit and vegetable punnets
• All bottle tops, lids and triggers
• Cream and custard pots
• Soup pots
• Instant Noodle pots
• Tubs for dishwasher and laundry tablets

The following items are still NOT accepted:

• Hard plastic items eg toys, washing-up bowls, Tupperware lunchboxes etc
• Black plastic
• Plastic film or wrappers
• Plastic bags or black sacks
• Expanded polystyrene
• Food waste / general rubbish

To help the recycling process, residents are asked to simply wash and squash their plastic bottles, (keeping the tops separate to the bottles), tubs, pots, food trays and foil, then add them to their recycling box or wheelie bin along with their cans, tins, and glass bottles.

Households with more recycling than their current containers can fit (wheelie bin or box system) can request extra bins or boxes. Simply go to the recycling page http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/paperround and click on 'report bin/box/container problem'.

Blue box recycling:

Blue box

Your blue box or, the inner pod of your recycling wheelie bin is for paper and cardboard. This is collected every other week on the same day as your usual refuse collection

Green box recycling:

Green box

Your green box or, the body of your recycling wheelie bin is for glass, cans,plastic bottles, pots, tubs, food trays and aluminium foil. This is collected every other week on the same day as your usual refuse collection

Green chargeable recycling Collections:

Please note from February 2014 we will no longer provide a free green recycling collection service due to the need for the Council to make significant financial savings and to save money on waste services.

For more information and, to order the new chargeable green recycling service go to the green recycling page at http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/greenrecycling