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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk




Here are some tips to help you find your way around the site:

Finding information

Our site contains a lot of information and it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. We have tried to organise the information on our site so that you can find what you want as quickly and as easily as possible.

There are several ways to find the information you are interested in:

  • Menus: You can use the menus to look for information by topic. (See Sections of the Site)
  • A to Z: The "A to Z" is a comprehensive list of topics and services provided by the council, in alphabetical order. Look at the foot of this page, and under "R" for Recycling, for instance.
  • Search: The search facility will search the whole site for you using the keywords you type into the search box, which can be found on each page.

If you have any difficulty finding the information you require please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Sections of the site

You can navigate through the site using the links on the main menu bar of each page to move between sections. All the links within each section are listed on either the left-hand side of the page if you are using the site with images displayed, or at the top of the page, below the main menu, if you are using the Text Only version of the site. You can get back to the home page by using the "Home" link above the main menu bar on each page.

The main sections of the site are:

  • Waste and Recycling - Information about rubbish collection, bulk waste collection, Household recycling Centres and associated matters.
  • Council Tax and Benefits - Information about your Council Tax, how to pay it and what benefits you may be entitled to.
  • Housing - Information about public housing and associated features
  • Leisure and Tourism - Information about events, leisure facilities and activities, including sport, museums and library services.
  • Planning and Environment - Pages about the natural and built environment, including planning, parks, waste disposal and public health.
  • Education and Learning- Pages about education in the city, including schools, training for employment, and adult learning.
  • Community and Living - Information for the community, including local council services, organisations, and information for young people.
  • Streets, Transport and Parking - Information about public transport and also including street maintenance and car parking.
  • Health and Social Care- Information about local health services and resources.
  • Business and Economy - Information for businesses in the city, including economic development, regeneration, business regulations and other useful services.
  • Your Council - Information about council structure, procedure and policies. Includes information about MPs and councillors, our online services, and jobs available with the Council.

Bookmarking pages

You can 'bookmark' a page so that you can easily find it again at another time. You can use your browser's Help button to find out how this is done in your browser.


PDF Attachments

Some information on the site is available as PDF documents (Portable Document Files). To view these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a plug-in which you can download (copy onto your computer) for free from Adobe. You will see a link to the Adobe site on every page which has a PDF document attached to it.

Tools and help are also available to help you access these files: http://access.adobe.com.

Word Documents

If you do not have Microsoft Word on your computer you can use Word Document Viewer to enable you to view Word documents.

Excel Files

If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer you can use Excel Document Viewer to enable you to view Excel documents.

We occasionally use other types of attachment on the site. You can find out more about these on our attachments page.

Contact Us

Our Contact Us page gives further details about contacting the Council by post, telephone, e-mail and fax, and also links to contact details for our major services. You will find a link to the Contact Us page above the main menu on each page.

If you have a speech impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, you can contact Birmingham City Council by Next Generation Text (also known as Text Relay and TypeTalk).

Dial 18001 before the full national phone number.

Minicom: 0121 303 1119 or 0121 675 8221