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SEN Assessment and Review Service (SENAR)

If your child is going to secondary school in September 2015, download the booklet at the bottom of this page:
Opportunities for Children with Statements of Special Educational Needs in Birmingham

SENAR, the Special Educational Needs Assessment and Review Service, is responsible for the administration of the procedures related to the assessment and statementing of children by Birmingham City Council.

SENAR works closely with parents and schools and performs the following duties on behalf of the local authority:

  • implementation of the 1996 Education Act, with particular reference to the assessment and statementing of children with special educational needs, in accordance with the statutory time limits;
  • consideration of requests for Stage 4 assessments from parents and schools;
  • formally request advice from parents and professionals and monitor responses in order to progress the statementing procedure;
  • issuing of proposed and final statements, in consultation with parents;
  • involvement in preparing the Authority response relating to appeals to the Special Needs Tribunal;
  • making arrangements for any provision identified as required in a statement, including support for mainstream schools and special school placement;
  • consideration of changes in need or provision recommended in annual reviews and appropriate action taken.

In all of this SENAR serves as a key point of contact for parents and schools. Staff work closely with them, as well as with the range of professionals involved in Support Services, Health Authorities and Children's Social Care Services.

SEN Assessment & Review Service (SENAR)

Telephone Number: 0121 303 1888