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Young People's Cultural Entitlement (Creative Futures II)

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Birmingham has the highest proportion of children and young people of any major city in Europe. The Creative Future strategy reflects a vision for Birmingham as an inspiring place where children and young people can develop their interests and skills, achieve to their full potential and have their positive contribution to the life of the city recognised.

A Creative Future II is the second phase of the strategy, the first phase of which was launched in 2006. It identifies four key roles for children and young people in their engagement with culture - creators, participants, audiences and leaders. As a model it extends across the cultural sector taking in arts, museums, libraries, archives and heritage.

Children and young people in the context of Creative Future II are aged between 0 and 25 years. The strategy covers cultural activities that they take part in both in and outside of school, as individuals, with their families and carers, and in groups. Gaps in provision are identified geographically and in terms of age, setting, art form and the four Creative Future roles. Activities are then commissioned to fill these gaps, with an emphasis on opportunities for progression from first experiences to independent and entrepreneurial activity.

Young People on Arts Boards

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