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Young People on Arts Boards

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Birmingham City Council believes that young people should play a part in decisions which affect them. In order to ensure that there is a voice for young people on the boards of arts organisations a training programme has been run to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to fulfil this role. Over 50 young people (aged 18 – 25 years) have been trained to date and many of the City’s arts organisations now have young people on their boards, making a strong contribution and representing a range of viewpoints.

Young board members have received training in the many and varied responsibilities of running an arts organisation. These include managing finances, acting as an advocate, complying with legal procedures, understanding audiences and approving programming decisions. Trainees have, over the years, brought a wealth of energy, passion and commitment to the organisations they have worked with.

Young People on Arts Boards training


Applications are now open for young people to take part in a weekend designed to prepare them for the responsibilities which being a member of a board entails. Upon completion of the course young people will be placed with an arts organisation they have an interest in and provided with a mentor, an experienced member of the board, who will guide them through their first year with the organisation.

The deadline for applications is:

4th July 2014 and a recruitment workshop will be held on Monday 14th July 2014.

For enquiries and to register your interest in this training please contact Helen Tomkins on 0121 464 9675 or email:Helen.tomkins@birmingham.gov.uk

Birmingham City Council Culture Commissioning Tel: 0121 303 2434, email: arts.team@birmingham.gov.uk, www.birmingham.gov.uk/arts