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Building Investigation - Building and Material Defects

The diagnosis and repair advice we can provide is based on our having an in-depth knowledge of construction related materials and components, as well as defects and durability issues which affect historic, traditional, system built and newly constructed buildings. For in excess of 30 years we have had specialist teams assessing local authority high, medium and low risk housing stock.

Some of our services include:

  • building condition surveys
  • high rise safety and defect surveys
  • fire and flood damage assessment
  • constructional defect surveys
  • high alumina cement (HAC) surveys
  • brick and masonry defects, wall tie condition and population
  • crack monitoring and verticality surveys
  • endoscope surveys and cavity cleanliness
  • steelwork condition and corrosion investigation
  • ground slab condition and sulphate attack diagnosis
  • floor screed quality
  • inspection and analysis of renders, plasters and mortars
  • paints, plastics and finishes
  • cladding and facade assessment
  • roof condition and leak detection
  • Upvc door and window assessment and failures
  • timber condition and decay
  • dampness, water penetration and condensation investigation
  • indoor air quality