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General Information

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Open Learning

What is Open Learning?

  • It is out Language Library and Study Centre.
  • What can I do there?
  • Use dictionaries, grammar, vocabulary and course books.
  • Have access to exam practice materials.
  • Practise listening, reading, writing and pronunciation.
  • Use computers and surf the internet.
  • Borrow films, books and CDs.
  • Organise your studies.
  • Find out about useful websites.

Who can help me?

  • English tutors are available to give you advice and support. You can book an appointment to talk to them.
  • Other Open Learning staff can also help you to find the resources that you need.

How can I join?

  • Fill in an application form in the Open Learning Centre.
  • Pay the Open Learning fee (£10.00 per term) at the Fees Desk in reception.
  • For the English Summer Programme, the fee is £2.50 per month.

Social Programme

Our Social Programme will help you to enjoy your free time and make friends. There are regular day trips to places of interest like London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and Cardiff. The cost of each day trip is between £10.00 - £15.00.

We also organise evening activities including bowling and ice skating, afternoon trips to museums and historial houses in Birmingham and evenings out to local pubs. This type of activity and trip costs between £5.00 and £10.00.

At Brasshouse, you can watch and discuss movies at our Film Club and practise using your conversational English at our regular Chat Club meetings. We also organise Quiz afternoons and have End of Course parties at the end of each term. These events at Brasshouse are free of charge.

Student Counsellor

Free counselling support is available for all students who experience any type of difficulty in their person life.
Our counsellor is there to
  • to listen to students without criticising
  • to talk through problems sympathetically
  • to access external support whenever necessary

You can make an appointment to see the Student Counsellor at Information Desk.

Classes at Brasshouse

The average number of students per class is 16 with a maximum of 20 in some groups.

The minimum class size is 8.  If the number falls below this, we may need to close your class and offer you an alternative.

Course Books

Most classes follow a set course book.  You will be required to buy the book at the start of the course.  Books cost between £20.00 - £25.00.

Speak to your teacher before buying the course book and make sure that you buy the right one.

We cannot exchange books or refund any money paid for books.


At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

You are required to attend AT LEAST 80% of classes to obtain the certificate.

Council Tax

Council Tax is a local tax payable to the British Government.  Students are currently required to pay Council Tax unless they study full-time for more than 6 months.  For more information about this, contact our Information Desk.

Adults Only

Brasshouse is an ADULT Education Centre and we cannot accept students under the age of 18.

Comments, Compliments & Complaints

We welcome feedback from learners before, during and after your course. For any comments, compliments and complaints, please contact:-

Pauline Desch, Head of English
Telephone Number: 00 44 121 303 2523
Facsimile Number: 00 44 464 5375
Email: Pauline_Desch@birmingham.gov.uk

Paul Henderson, Deputy Head of English
Telephone Number: 00 44 121 303 1649
Facsimile Number: 00 44 121 464 5375
Email: Paul_J_Henderson@birmingham.gov.uk