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Park and pay by phone FAQ

Cashless Parking with Parkmobile

From the end of January 2012 drivers who use their mobile phone to pay for parking in pay and display spaces both On Street and in Car Parks in Birmingham will need to register with the City Council’s new service provider Parkmobile. The service is currently provided by Pay By Phone (formerly Verrus) and their service will cease when the Parkmobile service commences.

Existing users of the present service are encouraged to register with Parkmobile NOW as this will save you valuable time when you first park when the new service goes live with Parkmobile in mid-January.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Cashless Parking?

Cashless parking is a quick and secure way to pay for parking in Birmingham. Instead of having to put money in a Pay and Display machine, you can use your mobile phone and pay by credit or debit card. Note American Express is not accepted.

Where can I use this system?

Cashless parking will initially be available in the On-street inner parking zone and Off Street pay and display parking areas in Birmingham city centre and during the months following January 2012 will be rolled out to all Birmingham City Council’s On and Off Street pay and display parking locations.

How do I register for this system?

Simply follow this link to register online www.parkmobile.co.uk. You can also call 020 3003 2527 or use Parkmobile’s Apps (free to download).
When you contact Parkmobile for the first time you will need to register. You do not need to park to register; you can contact Parkmobile and register right now which will save you time when you do want to park. When you register you will be asked for the following:

Your vehicle registration (VRM) – you can register more than 1 vehicle
Your payment card details

If you are parking at the time you are registering you will also need to provide:

The location number of the space you are parked in (shown on signs)
The length of time you wish to park for (subject to maximum duration)

Once registered, you will receive a text with your username and password, you can use this to access your personal account pages on Parkmobile’s website where you can view all of your parking events, obtain parking receipts and manage your settings.

What if I have not got a mobile phone and cannot use cashless parking?

Cashless parking is being offered as an alternative payment method to paying at a pay and display machine. Motorists can still pay for their parking using coins in the machines in the usual manner.

How much will it cost to park with cashless parking?

A “convenience” charge of 20p is charged in addition to the parking tariff for using the Cashless parking service for your initial transaction or if you wish to extend your initial transaction. Reminder and confirmation texts cost 10p per text but these you can opt to receive at the time you first register or you can switch this option on or off from our website.

The phone number shown on the signage is a local rate call and texts to us are charged at your standard network rates. Many mobile phone network providers now include free minutes to landline calls within their package.

How do I pay for my parking session?

There are a number of ways to pay for your parking with Parkmobile, you can:

When you first register, you can choose to pay for parking by using one of the following Credit or Debit Cards: Visa, MasterCard or Maestro.

Your parking history, including your parking charges, are accessible from your customer pages in Parkmobile’s website.

How do I know which location number to enter? Where can I find the location number?

The location number will be clearly displayed on notices on pay and display machines or signs in car parks or if you are at the parking bay the iphone and Android App will pinpoint your nearest locations.

When do the parking charges apply in a cashless parking space?

Cashless parking operates on the same terms as existing Pay and Display parking (although there is a “convenience” charge). The hours of control are clearly displayed at each car park or On Street machine.

Can I stop my parking session early?

Yes you can by calling 020 3003 2527 or by using the Parkmobile Apps.

An additional feature of the Parkmobile mobile phone payment system is that if you finish your business in the town centre before the parking time purchased expires, there is an option to “stop” your parking session early and obtain a reduced charge based on any unused full remaining periods (part hours will not be subject to any reduction in charge). For example, if you paid to park for 2 hours in a space that has a 1 hour time band and stopped parking after 56 minutes you would only be charged for the first hour.

What happens if I am delayed returning to my car?

If you are delayed returning to your car there is an option to extend your parking event by calling 020 3003 2527 or by using the Parkmobile Apps. State the duration or end time that you wish to stay for and the parking session can be extended subject to any maximum stay restrictions in place.

Where can I obtain a receipt?

To obtain a parking receipt please visit your personal account pages at www.myparkmobile.co.uk where you can view all of your parking events, obtain parking receipts and manage your settings.

If you have forgotten your log on credential please text “PARK LOGON” to 66644 or request a new password via the website.

Can I create a business account?

A business account can be created when you register at www.parkmobile.co.uk and you can add as many vehicles to your account as you like.

Note you will need to give your drivers the CVC code behind the payment card that is set up on the account in order for them to activate their parking.

How long can I park for?

Motorists should check the time plate for that space to find out what the maximum allowed parking period is.

How will the Civil Enforcement Officer know that I have paid?

Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) make sure a driver has paid for his or her parking by accessing Parkmobile’s data through the Internet using their hand held device. They are then able to obtain your parking information by reference to your vehicle registration number.

Please ensure you have selected the correct vehicle registration number when paying for parking

Terms & Conditions of Use

For terms and conditions of use visit www.parkmobile.co.uk/tc

Further information

If the information you seek is not shown, please use this link to go to Parkmobile’s website www.parkmobile.co.uk where you will find FAQs for most enquiries.