Birmingham City Council


There are currently several ways in which young people can take part and influence decisions made for children and young people in Birmingham.

Voice is Power (VIP)

VIP is the revamped children and young people’s parliament. It is a group of 20 young people from constituencies in Birmingham. VIP has worked on various campaigns including racism, violence in the community.

Visit the Voice is Power web site.

Children in Care Council (CICC)

This is a group of young people in care in Birmingham. They meet every fortnight to discuss issues that are important to them as young people in care and to raise awareness.

Visit the CICC page in the VIP web.

Young Disabled Champions (YDC)

This is a group of young disabled people from across Birmingham who meet every month. They work on issues that affect disabled children and young people as well as other campaigns.

YDC has been established, with clear links to other groups such as the UK Youth Parliament (UKYP), VIP and CICC. These young people are ambassadors for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs in Birmingham. The group influences strategic decision making in Birmingham to include planning, design, delivery and evaluation of services and provision. Young people took part in the DofE Special Educational Needs and Disability consultation. The group were selected for a best practice case study with Ofsted . A deaf awareness poster has been developed for deaf and partially deaf children and young people in Birmingham.

Visit the YDC page in the VIP web.

UK Youth Parliament (UKYP)

UKYP includes a group of Birmingham young people who represent Birmingham issues at a national and regional level. These young people are also members of the executive board of VIP. These young members meet locally with VIP but have additional meetings to address regional and national issues. Young people have been elected by area with two for each (full UKYP and deputy) 11,321 young people cast votes. Top issues effecting young people were voted on and educational pressure came first. This has been adopted by all young peoples groups as a lead campaign. The current national campaign is about to be voted on in secondary schools around Birmingham.

Visit the UKYP page in the VIP web.