Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk



Cabinet Members


Councillor Sir Albert Bore

Telephone: (0121) 303 3140

Email: Albert.Bore@birmingham.gov.uk

Committee Manager: Noel Walker
Telephone: (0121) 464 4690

Deputy Leader

Councillor Ian Ward

Telephone:(0121) 303 4155

Email: Ian.Ward@birmingham.gov.uk

Children and Family Services

Councillor Brigid Jones

Telephone: (0121) 303 4789

Email: Brigid.Jones@birmingham.gov.uk

Commissioning, Contracting and Improvement

Councillor Stewart Stacey

Telephone: (0121) 303 2817

Email: Stewart.Stacey@birmingham.gov.uk

Development, Transport and The Economy

Councillor Tahir Ali

Telephone: (0121) 303 7233

Email: Tahir.Ali@birmingham.gov.uk

Green, Smart and Sustainable City

Councillor Lisa Trickett

Telephone: (0121) 303 1369

Email: Lisa.Trickett@birmingham.gov.uk

Health and Wellbeing

Councillor John Cotton

Telephone: (0121) 303 2015

Email: John.Cotton@birmingham.gov.uk

Skills, Learning and Culture

Councillor Penny Holrook

Telephone: (0121) 303 3013

Email: Penny.Holbrook@birmngham.gov.uk

Social Cohesion, Equalities and Community Safety

Councillor James Mckay

Telephone: (0121) 303 3013

Email: James.Mckay@birmingham.gov.uk

Cabinet Commitee Meetings

'Democracy in Birmingham' for Agenda's, Minutes, Reports and Decisions of City Council Meetings.