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Nature Conservation and the wider environment

Nature Conservation and the wider environment

The protection, enhancement, enjoyment and promotion of the City's nature conservation resource does not take place in isolation. The actions of the City Council and others, in respect both of nature conservation and other activities, may also have an effect on the wildlife of other places, for example through the use of non-renewable resources. Equally, there may be implications for the City's own wildlife because of activity elsewhere such as pollution from industry.


Policy Thirty Two
The City Council will, in conjunction with other agencies, seek to reduce existing pollution and ensure that new pollution is kept to a minimum, having particular regard to its effects on the City's nature conservation resource.

Non-renewable Resources
Buying and using non-renewable materials may contribute to the destruction of nature conservation resources outside Birmingham, in both the UK and the rest of the world.Two well known examples are the use of peat and tropical hardwoods, but many other products are involved.

Policy Thirty Three
The City Council will seek to minimise the use, by itself, its contractors and others, of non-renewable resources, the exploitation of which is known to be damaging to nature conservation interests.