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Conservation: Information Base

Conservation: Information Base

Birmingham's nature conservation resource cannot be effectively protected or managed without comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information.

It is also valuable to understand people's changing hopes in relation to nature conservation if those wishes are to be met. Good information on what is available in the City, whether it be on sites of quality, the open space network or environmental education is also valuable.

Policy Twenty Eight
The City Council will seek to maintain, develop and regularly update a comprehensive and accessible information base covering sites, habitats, species and geological features both within Birmingham and on Council-owned land outside the City boundary.

Policy Twenty Nine
The City Council will seek to monitor the City's nature conservation resource in relation to Critical Natural Capital sustainability limits, constant Natural Assets thresholds, habitat and species action plans and the City's Biodiversity Schedule, and take action as necessary and appropriate to meet and where feasible exceed defined aims.

Policy Thirty
The City Council will periodically collect information on how people value wildlife in the City, and the demand for access.

Policy Thirty One
The City Council will seek to collect and encourage others to collect social information on sites.