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Retail Assessments

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A number of studies have been undertaken in relation to retail and shopping across the city. These help us to plan for the future in our Planning Policy Documents.

City Centre Retail Assessment (2013)

DTZ were commissioned to undertake an assessment of the City Centre, to review its performance as a retail destination and identify any potential that exists to expand the retail core.

We are also developing a City Centre Retail Strategy and are keen to get your views on how the City Centre can be shaped in the future. Find out more here...

Local Centres Survey (2011)

The two documents below were undertaken when we were preparing to publish our Shopping and Local Centres SPD. They identify the types of retail uses and vacant properties in each of the Local Centres and their Primary Shopping areas.

This information was correct at August 2011, with updates for Stirchley and Cotteridge in March 2012.

Retail Needs Assessment (2009)

Roger Tym and Partners were commissioned to undertake a Retail Needs Assessment. The study was finalised November 2009. The report provides an assessment of the need for additional retail development in Birmingham up to 2026. It incorporates assessments for both comparison and convenience retail sectors as well as an assessment of the health of the centres identified in the study. An update to this report was published in 2013 and is attached below.

Local Centres Strategy (2006)

Birmingham has many local centres across the city. Some are large, with a diverse range of shops, businesses, entertainment, cultural and leisure facilities. others are simply small groups of local shops and services. All play an important role in meeting the day to day needs of local people. This strategy looks to provide an overall context for our centres and lessons we can learn and apply from the successful ones.

Shopping Report (2004)

There are over 11,000 shops in Birmingham, providing a very wide range of retail establishments. Many of these shops are shopping centres and parades across the City.

We have monitoring information on nearly three hundred of these locations, in addition to a number of out-of-centre retail sites.

This Report, produced in 2004, provides a snapshot of the retail trade in Birmingham, at both City-wide and local levels. The full report is below.

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