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Public Register of Environmental Information - Trees

Register of Notifications of intended Works on Trees in Conservation Areas

The register includes:-

  • the address of the land on which the tree stands (and sufficient information to identify the tree);
  • the date of the notice;
  • details of the work proposed;
  • the decision of the Council (including the date and name of the Council) ; and;
  • an index for tracing entries of all notifications received by the Council of works to be carried out on trees in conservation areas.

You can inspect the register free of charge by contacting:-
Planning Direct

A reasonable charge may be made for copies.

Register of applications for Work on Trees covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

A Tree Preservation Order is an order made by a local planning authority which in general makes it an offence to cut down, lop, top, uproot, wilfully damage or destroy a tree without the planning authority permission.

The register contains details of the nature of the application, the authority's decision, any compensation awarded and any resulting woodland replanting directions.

You can inspect the register free of charge by contacting Planning Direct

A reasonable charge may be made for copies.

Register of New Planting

The register contains summaries of the details provided in applications (which have reached the firm proposal stage) to the Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) for new planting.

The details shown include the name of the property, its grid reference, and the owners' objectives and priorities. An area summary of the whole application is provided which shows the individual areas of conifers and broadleaves to be planted as well as any open ground. If the application includes other activities in the woods on the property, such as replanting after felling, a summary of these will be shown to put the new planting into context. The details of applications on the register are listed by local authority district. The register is revised weekly and applications which have reached the firm proposal stage that week will be added. A second list is also available which shows applications that have been approved the previous week.

The register is held at all the regional offices of the Forestry Authority (part of the Forestry Commission); these are known as Conservancies.

The register is a computer generated printed record

You can inspect the register free of charge.

If you would like copies of the application forms and maps of the planting area, these may be provided for a reasonable charge.