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Environmental Information: Water

Bathing Waters - Register of Bathing Water Quality

The register contains detailed results of monitoring of bathing waters for parameters laid down in the EU Bathing Water Directive, including bacteria, enteroviruses, pH, colour, transparency, oil, detergents and phenols. For further information or to view the register contact the Environment Agency

Drinking Water - Register of drinking water quality in 'supply zones'.

Each water company's network is divided into areas called 'supply zones' serving not more than 50,000 people. The register contains information about drinking water quality and the results of tests carried out by water companies.

For more information contact the Environmental Protection Unit, 581 Tyburn Road, Erdington, B24 9RF Telephone: 0121 303 9900

Food and Water Sampling Protocol

Each year a comprehensive food sampling programme is undertaken to check that food and drink sold in Birmingham is safe as well as being of the quality that consumers should expect. The sampling protocol can be viewed at Food and Water Sampling.

Flood Defence - Main river map for the area of a Regional Flood Defence Committee

The map shows watercourses in England and Wales formally designated as main rivers on which the Environmental Agency can undertake flood defence works. For further information contact the Environment Agency

Nitrate Sensitive Areas - Maps of Nitrate Sensitive Areas (NSAs)

Nitrate Sensitive Areas are areas of land, based on the catchments of underground aquifers, in which farmers are compensated for voluntarily adopting agricultural practices which will reduce the level of nitrate leaching.

For more information contact http://www.defra.gov.uk/

Sewerage and Waterworks - The Director General of Water Services' Register

The register contains information relating to the appointment and registration of bodies responsible for water and sewerage ('water and sewerage undertakers'). It includes copies of:
i. Every appointment, termination or transfer of appointment, variation of the area of, and every modification of, the conditions of any such appointment;
ii. Every direction, consent or determination given;
iii. Every enforcement order made, requiring a water company to comply with its statutory duties or conditions of its licence of appointment, together with provisional enforcement orders and revocations;
iv. Every undertaking given to the Director General or Secretary of State; and
v. Every special administration order and discharge of such an order.

For more information or to view the register contact http://www.ofwat.gov.uk/ regulators of the water and sewerage industry in England and Wales.

Maps of waterworks

The information consists of records of the location of resource mains, water mains, discharge pipe or underground works, other than a service pipe, vested in the water undertaker. For further information or to access this information contact http://www.stwater.co.uk/

Trade Effluent Register

Copies of consents, directions, agreements and notices relating to the discharge of trade effluent into public sewers are held on the register. For further information or to view this register contact http://www.stwater.co.uk/

Water Quality and Water Pollution - Water Quality Register

The register contains copies of application forms for discharge consents.
Discharge consent is permission to release effluents into all types of watercourses, including rivers and canals, lakes and reservoirs, estuaries and coastal waters, and groundwater.

It also contains details of discharge consents granted, including any conditions imposed in the consent, e.g. Chemical parameters such as biological oxygen demand or ammonia.
It also contains any certificates granted by the Secretary of State for the Environment or for Wales, waiving the requirement to advertise discharge consents or applications, or to include subsequent sampling information in the register (e.g. either because it would be contrary to the public interest, or would prejudice some private interest by disclosing trade secrets).

It will also contain notices concerning the setting of water quality objectives, and details of classification schemes; rivers can be classified in various ways according to their quality as assessed against specified criteria. The Secretary of State can set water quality objectives for particular stretches of river, in terms of a specified target classification to be achieved by a set date.

The Environmental Agency takes samples of rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters etc, and also takes samples of significant discharges. For each sample, the register gives details of when and where it was taken and the results of the analysis of the sample, and where appropriate, details of follow-up action such as prosecutions brought. For further information or to view the register contact the Environment Agency

Works Discharge Register

The register contains details of persons to be notified when a water company applies for consent for certain operational discharges into a watercourse. This includes names and addresses of owners and occupiers of premises (which border and are within three miles downstream of where a water undertaker proposes to make the discharge) who have requested to be on the register. For further information or to view the register contact the Environment Agency

Register of persons and premises for the purposes of Environmental Agency works discharges (where Environmental Agency itself discharges as a result of work it carries out and requires consent to do so)

The register contains the names and addresses of owners or occupiers of premises which are within three miles downstream of a works discharge who shall be served with a copy of an application to discharge if they have requested to be registered. For further information or to view the register contact the Environment Agency

Maps showing the freshwater limits of rivers

Each map shows rivers and other watercourses with, in each case, the freshwater limit defined for the purpose of water pollution laws. For further information or to view the register contact the Environment Agency

Water Resources - Licence Register

The register consists of copies of application forms for the grant, revocation or variation of abstraction and impounding licences. It also contains the names and addresses of the holders of abstraction and impounding licences.

Abstraction licences are licences to take water from rivers, streams, lakes etc (surface water), and from underground aquifers (groundwater).

Impounding licences are licences to construct weirs or dams on water courses.

For further information or to view the register contact the Environment Agency

Records of every resources main or discharge pipe and any other underground works vested in the EA.

The records consist of maps showing resources main or discharge pipes and underground works. For further information or to view the information contact the Environment Agency