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Public Register of Environmental Information - Common Land and Villages

Register of Common Land and Village Greens

Revelant legislation: Commons registartion Act 1965 S3(1) and (2)

There are separate register sheets describing the ownership (as at the time of original registration), the common rights claimed and the site details for each registered common, town or village green. Where a disputed application for registration has been decided by the Commons Commissioners, details of their final decision will be recorded. Maps showing the boundaries of the registered common or town and village greens also form part of the register.

The register is held in separate binders for commons, towns and village greens with the details entered on pre- printed standard register sheets. The register also contains maps, which are required to be at a scale of not less than six inches to one mile (approximately 1:10,000 scale)

You can inspect the register free of charge but a charge may be made for copies of any entry. A formal search of the register by local authority staff for specific entries can also be made at a fixed cost. In order to inspect the register you should contact the Local Land Charges Registry

The Open Spaces Society is Britain’s oldest national conservation body, and campaigns to create and conserve common land, village greens, open spaces and rights of public access in town and country in England and Wales. The society can provide useful information and guidance on this matter.