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Chinese Religion: Festivals

Chinese Religion: Festivals

The Chinese in Birmingham celebrate major festivals such as Christmas, New Year and Easter. Even though most Chinese, especially those who do not have a Christian faith, do not attach religious significance to these festivals, they all see them as an opportunity for fun, a break from their work routine, a time for family reunion, as well as an opportunity for good business.

There are numerous Chinese festivals with traditions and rituals still observed by some Chinese families. Some festivals follow the annual agricultural routines and are celebrated within the family, e.g, Qing Ming, Chong Yang (Double Nine Festival), Zuo Dong (Winter). Some festivals have links with religious beliefs and are celebrated by people with that belief, e.g. Guan Yin's Birthday, Qi Qiao Festival, Yu Lan Festival (Chinese Halloween). Some festivals are celebrated by all Chinese with some public celebration events. These are the most commonly known Chinese festivals and they include Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, Dragon Boat Festival (also known as Duan Wu Festival), and Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Moon Cake Festival).

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival