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Mental Health Information and Advice

This page lists the major web sites for mental health. If you would like a more detailed list, please download the attachment at the bottom of the page.

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Birmingham Mental Health sites

EQUIP stands for Electronic Quality Information for Patients. The mental health part of the web site gives plenty of relevant information, plus links to other web sites and organisations in the West Midlands.


Mind is a leading mental health charity working to improve the quality of life of those who have experience of mental distress as sufferers or carers. Also see


National Mental Health sites

The Mental Health Foundation website includes the latest news, events and advice about mental health issues in the UK.


Internet Mental Health is a Canadian website with an online encyclopaedia about mental health issues. It includes self-diagnosis questions and information about medication.


Rethink is a UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of everyone affected by severe mental illness. Their site provides information on all aspects of mental health, including medical treatments, legal rights and entitlement to benefits.


SANE is a British mental health support and campaigning group. Their website includes online advice and links to Saneline, the national telephone helpline.


Young Minds is a national charity committed to improving the mental health of all children and young people.


The Birmingham branch of the Alzheimer's Society. Support and guidance for people with dementia and their families and carers. Responsible for the Birmingham Dementia Initiative offering services for African Caribbean and Asian elders.


Information in other languages

You may also like to refer to the page Mental Health Websites for speakers of other languages which has information on mental health issues and information on where to get leaflets about these issues, in different languages.

Mind in Birmingham aims to provide high quality services for those experiencing mental distress. We will challenge stigmatisation, oppression and discrimination by raising awareness of positive well-being and recovery for all, resulting in a healthier society.

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