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Financial help after severe flood damage

This advice is for people who have had severe flood damage, and need to replace essential items such as beds, bedding, kitchen items etc, and are not able to make a claim via House Insurance.

For people in receipt of a qualifying benefit, either Income-based Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support, an application form should be completed for a Budgeting Loan (available at main offices Benefits Agency e.g. Moseley Road or at a Neighbourhood Office) This form should be handed in at a main Benefits Agency reception, explaining the situation and asking for an urgent decision. If this is refused an application for a Crisis Loan should be completed at a main Benefits Agency office.

For anyone not in receipt of a qualifying benefit and no means available (e.g no house insurance/no savings-information on this is requested on the form) then just a Crisis Loan Application form should be completed at a Benefits Agency main office (not at a Job Centre).

If you have been visited by a City Council Officer as a result of flooding, they may be able to provide a letter to confirm proof of flooding which could help your claim, so please ask if this is possible.