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Control Centre: remote CCTV

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Picture the scene. A youngster enters a school playground armed with a spray can, intent on covering the area with graffiti. But he is not aware that he has activated a motion detector, which has triggered cameras, transmitting pictures back to the Control Centre - over a phone line.

An operator - via an audio link on the same line - warns him that he is being filmed, and the police are on their way. So he runs off, and there's no further damage.

This system can be fitted to any building, depot, office or school that has a phone line, data link or network. The initial installation can be as simple as one or two cameras. These can be added to as funds become available. In fact, systems can be developed to include the remote opening and closing of doors or gates, and the turning on and off of electrical equipment.

The Control Centre is recognised by the West Midlands Police, and is issued with unique reference numbers for all premises monitored. A dedicated fibre link between the Control Centre and the Police means images from a remote site can be transmitted directly to the Police at the touch of a button.

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