Birmingham City Council

Street Lighting - Electrical Equipment for Traffic Signs

Street Lighting
  • Lanterns shall conform to the specifications in the  Table of Standard Equipment and Manufacturers and the recommendations of the Traffic Sign Manual and be designed to fulfill the requirements of that document.
  • Lanterns shall comply with BS 873 All sign lanterns and bollards shall be lit using energy efficient, low maintenance LED light sources
  • All illuminated sign lanterns and bollard bases shall have an Elexon ‘Unmetered Supplies Operational Charge Code’ and have approved total circuit wattage equal to or less than 7w
  • All illuminated traffic signs and bollards shall be fitted with a control device (infra red for illuminated bollards) to switch the light source on or off at the appropriate times in accordance with the Lighting Periods Table.
  • Where back to back lighting units are required should these be protected individually?