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Housing-related support for people with mental health issues

The Single Point of Access for people with mental health issues is now closed. Below is a list of service providers who can be contacted directly:

Anvil House
website: www.anvilhousesupportprovider.co.uk
telephone: 0121 377 7140

Aspects Care
website: www.aspectscare.co.uk
telephone: 0121 554 9246

Birmingham Mind
website: www.birminghammind.org
telephone: 0121 237 3777

Friendship Care and Housing
website: www.fch.org.uk
telephone: 0121 212 8452

My Time
website: www.mytime.org.uk
telephone: 0121 766 6699

Praxis Care
website: www.praxiscare.org.uk
telephone: 0121 455 0122

R and J Supported Housing
website: www.randjsupport.org
telephone: 0121 430 8331

The SLC Group
website: www.theslcgroup.co.uk
telephone: 0121 766 7402

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