Birmingham City Council

Regional, European and International Division

The Regional, European and International Division (REID) leads for Birmingham City Council on:

  • City Region and Core Cities and Local Enterprise Partnership policy and implementation
  • European funding and policy
  • International affairs


The regional team leads on Birmingham’s strategic relations with regional bodies. This includes leading for the City Council on work with the wider Birmingham, Coventry and Black Country City Region partnership.

The City Region is a voluntary partnership comprised of eight urban local authorities and other bodies including the business community who work together to increase the prosperity, competitiveness and quality of life in the City Region. REID is home to the City Region’s secretariat.

The regional team also works closely with the Core Cities group, a network of England's major regional cities made up of Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Recently REID has been at the forefront of the work leading to the Local Enterprise Partnership submission.


REID’s European team leads for the City Council on European funding, providing advice and guidance to Birmingham City Council departments and external partners on all matters relating to EU funding and policy.

The European team has expertise in European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Social Fund (ESF), and EU transnational funding programmes. The Team are Members of several Policy Groups that administer these funds, these include ERDF (sub-body of the Regional PMC)/ESF and the Birmingham and Solihull European Sub Regional Group.

The team also leads Birmingham’s engagement in European networks such as Eurocities. Through these networks we are able to influence EU policy development as well as learn from cities across Europe.

REID is also home to the Innovation, Transnationality and Mainstreaming (ITM) Unit of the European Social Fund. This national function is contracted to REID from the Department for Work and Pensions. The dedicated unit supports projects across England to share knowledge and experience in tackling common employment and skills problems.


REID’s international work outside of Europe increasingly focuses on key geographical areas and is moving away from solely working with our established partner cities. These newer areas are China, South East Asia, North America and, most recently, the Middle East. The focus of our work with these regions is on forging closer business and educational links.

Supporting flagship partner city projects such as the Frankfurt Christmas Market are also part of the team’s role.

The international team also works closely with other departments within Birmingham City Council and external partners to contribute to the ongoing internationalisation of Birmingham as a “Global City with a Local Heart”.

Birmingham has been at the heart of working with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum to set up an Inclusive Cities network pilot in 12 cities across the Commonwealth looking at issues of social inclusion and poverty.

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