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William Jerome Harrison Collection

 Harvesting near Knowle, Warks, 1881

William Jerome Harrison was an amateur photographer from Birmingham. In 1884 Harrison joined with other local photographers to form the Birmingham Photographic Society.

Harvesting near Knowle, Warwickshire, 1881. William Jerome Harrison.

In 1889, he presented a paper to the Vesey Club in which he suggested forming a photographic survey of Warwickshire. Benjamin Stone attended the same meeting and with his assistance, Harrison was able to form the Warwickshire Photographic Survey in May 1890.

Birmingham Central Library's collection of William Jerome Harrison's work comprises 1200 film, glass and paper negatives dating from 1885-1908.

These are mostly geological subjects in England and Wales, photographic medals, negative indexes, and ephemera. Harrison was something of a Victorian polymath and the library holds a range of his publications on subjects from photography, education, and geology in other departments. These and additional photographs by Harrison held in other institutions are all listed in the collection index.

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