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Benjamin Stone " - I have aimed at recording history with the camera"

Photographs from the exhibitionKnight of the Camera
in Centenary Square, Birmingham

 Heathfield Hall, Handsworth
Politician and Photographer

John Benjamin Stone was born in Aston in 1838. Stone represented Duddeston Ward on Birmingham Town Council from 1869-1878. He founded and was later president of the Birmingham Conservative Association. Stone decided to master the art of photography...

 Farm workers at Perry Barr, circa 1900

The Stone Collection

The Archives and Heritage Service holds the Stone Photograph Collection. It comprises of some 22,000 mounted photographs covering various themes. Stone is probably best known for his photographs of rustic characters and ancient buildings. The Digital Handsworth Project has digitised all of the images relating to Handsworth. The two shown here are representative of the coverage. Heathfield Hall was built in 1790 by James Watt; it stood between Hamstead Road, Church Hill Road and Heathfield Road. It was eventually demolished in 1927. The photograph of farm labourers from Booth's Farm in Perry Barr was taken in 1900.