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Here is just some of the work which children and young people have done for libraries, including reviews, poems and pictures.

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Team Read reviews
Did you join in with the 2008 summer reading challenge? Children all over Birmingham read up to six books each and wrote reviews and drew pictures. Some of their work was displayed in Centre for the Child.

Urban Art at Central Library
Young people from St Basils worked with a professional artist to create a stunning piece of work outside the back of Central Library. The group used 'grafitti art' style to appeal to other young people and encourage them to find out what the library has to offer.

Anti-Bullying Poems from St John's
Pupils from St John's School, Ladywood wrote some poetry exploring what it's like to be bullied. The poems were displayed during Anti-Bullying Week.
You could also have a look at our Stop Bullying booklist.

Scary Reviews by Bookworm Kidz Club
Bookworm Kidz is a teenage reading group based at Glebe Farm Library. Members of the group read and reviewed some scary books including titles from the Chillers and Goosebumps series and some monstrous poems...

Children's work on the Mobile Library
Children who visit the Mobile Library have created lots of beautiful artwork including Christmas Gingerbread Men, and Beautiful Butterflies. This picture is from the Design a Seahorse competition.

St. John's School and Performance Poet Adisa
As part of the Young Readers Birmingham festival, pupils from St. John's School took part in a poetry workshop at Ladywood Community Library. Poetry performer Adisa worked with the young people to think of associations for words such as Love or Fear...

Poetry Rap by Summerfield Youth Group
I do like books, and I don't like books
Pass the mic and I'll chat about books
Summerfield Youth Group tell it like it is.

Poems from Hall Green Teenage Reading Group
Hall Green Teenage Reading Group have written poems on New York, love, pain, bats and flying pigs.

Erdington TRG
Erdington Teenage Reading Group wrote some poems on Peace, War and Mums...

Stories from the Web
You can also send your work in to the Stories from the Web site or join in with their activities and competitions.