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Lucrative Opportunities for SMEs; Supplying the public sector.

Many Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) are unaware of the business opportunities to be gained from tendering for government contracts. The perceived complexity of the process combined with government regulation issues leads to many SMEs either ignoring the market for government contracts or submitting poorly researched applications.

In light of this concern and the possible benefits SMEs are loosing out on, the Government has produced a guide entitled 'Tendering for Government Contracts', which aims to inform SMEs of the lucrative opportunities available. The Government is also eager to simplify the process and the guide gives detailed information on how to apply and ensure a successful application. Several areas where SMEs are being encouraged to apply include the telecoms building market, IT sector and the catering and healthcare market.

The guide can be downloaded at www.dti.gov.uk/SMEP/SFIRMS/index.html

Contact details for government bodies offering tendering opportunities can be found at www.dti.gov.uk/SMEP/SFIRMS/contacts.htm

Additional information can be found at www.dti.gov.uk/about/procurement/procua6-10.htm