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Fashion Designers

The Arts, Languages and Literature library in Birmingham Central Library holds a great deal of information for use in the library that is not on the open access shelves. This is a guide to some of the material available on fashion designers.

Material that has an A in front of the number e.g. AQ746.92 needs to be requested at the enquiry counter.

Where a lending copy is available a note will be made against the entry. You can reserve a lending book from any lending library within the city or online.

Fashion Designers

Alaia, Azzedine
BAUDOT, FRANCOIS - Alaia - ALL A746.92, Lending Copy Available

Armani, Giorgio
CELANT, GERMANO - Giorgio Armani - ALL AQ746.92092
HUTCHINGS, ROGER Armani backstage - ALL AF746.92
MARTIN, RICHARD - Giorgio Armani: images of man - ALL AQ746.92
WHITE, NICOLA - Giorgio Armani - ALL A746.920945, Lending Copy Available


Balenciaga, Cristobal
JOUVE, MARIE ANDRE - Balenciaga - ALL 746.92092, Lending Copy Available
MILLER, LESLEY ELLIS - Cristobal Balenciaga ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available


Balmain, Pierre
BALMAIN, PIERRE - My years and seasonsALL A391.0944
MUSEE DE LA MODE ET DU COSTUME - Pierre Balmain - ALL EC 11896(F)

Beene, Geoffrey
CULLETON, BRENDAN -Geoffrey Beene - ALL AF746.92092

MANTLE, JONATHAN - Benetton, the family, the business and the brand - Business Insight, Lending Copy Available


HULANICKI, BARBARA - From A to Biba - ALL A746.92, Lending Copy Available
LAING ART GALLERY - Biba: the label, the lifestyle, the look - ALL EC21448
TURNER, ALWYN W. - Biba, the Biba experience - ALL AQ746.92, Lending Copy Available

Blahnik, Manolo
BLAHNIK, MANOLO - Manolo Blahnik drawings - ALL AQ391.413

Cardin, Pierre
CARDIN, PIERRE - Pierre Cardin: the past, present, future - ALL EC 16825F
LANGLE, ELISABETH Pierre Cardin 50 yrs of fashion & design - ALL A746.92
MORAIS, RICHARD - Pierre Cardin: the man who became a label - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available


Chanel , Gabrielle Coco
BAILLEN, CLAUDE - Chanel Solitaire - ALL A746.92
BOND, DAVID - Coco Chanel and Chanel - Lending Copy Available
DE LA HAYE, AMY - Chanel the couturiere at work - ALL AQ746.92092
CHARLES-ROUX, EDMONDE - Chanel and her world - ALL AQ746.92, Lending Copy Available
CHARLES-ROUX, EDMONDE - The world of Coco Chanel - ALL A746.92
HAEDRICH, MARCEL Coco Chanel, her life, her secrets - ALL A746.92
KENNETT, FRANCES Coco: the life and loves of Gabrielle Chanel - ALL AQ746.92, Lending Copy Available
MACKRELL, ALICE - Coco Chanel - ALL 746.92, Lending Copy Available
MADSEN, AXEL - Coco Chanel: a biography - Lending Copy Available
RICHARDS, MELISSA - Chanel: Key Collections - ALL AQ746.92
WALLACH, JANET - Chanel: her style and her life - Lending Copy Available
WALLIS, JEREMY - Coco Chanel, Lending Copy Available



Christian Dior
CRAWTHORNE, NIGEL - New Look: the Dior revolution - ALL Q391.00904, Lending Copy Available
DE MARLY, DIANA - Christian Dior - Lending Copy Available
DE RETHY, ESMERALDA - Christian Dior: the early years 1947-1957 - ALL AF746.92
DIOR, CHRISTIAN - Christian Dior talking about fashion - ALL A746.92
KEENAN, BRIGID - Dior in vogue - ALL AQ746.92, Lending Copy Available
MARTIN, RICHARD - Christian Dior, Richard Martin and Harold Koda - ALL AQ746.92092


Dolce & Gabbana
SOZZANI, FRANCA - Dolce & Gabbana - ALL A746.920922


Ert(Romain de Tirtoff)
ERT- Erts theatrical costumes - ALL Q792.026
ERT- Erts costumes and sets for Der Rosenkavalier - ALL AQ792.026
ERT- Erts fashion designs: 218 illustrations - ALL AQ746.92
ERT- Ertfashions - ALL AQ391
ERT- Ert(Romain de Tirtoff) - ALL AF792.025
ERT- Things I remember: an autobiography - ALL A792.025
ERT- Erts eightieth birthday - ALL EC 926
ERT- Ertat 94: a birthday exhibition - ALL EC 11728
PRIMROSE HILL GALLERY - Ertand the Follies Bergeres - ALL EC 15646


Fortuny, Mariano
OSMA, GUILLERMO DE - Mariano Fortuny his life and work - ALL AQ746.92
DELVAUX, DELPHINE - Fortuny - Lending Copy Available


Galliano, John
MCDOWELL, COLIN - Galliano - ALL AQ746.92092

Gaultier, Jean Paul
CHENOUNE, FARID - Jean Paul Gaultier - ALL A746.92092
MCDOWELL, COLIN - Jean Paul Gaultier - ALL AQ746.92092, Lending Copy Available



Gernreich, Rudi
MOFFITT, PEGGY - Rudi Gernreich BookALL AQ746.92092

Givenchy, Hubert de
GIVENCHY,HUBERT DE - Hubert de Givenchyl: haute couture - ALL EC14165
JOIN-DIETERLE, CATHERINE -Givenchy: 40 years of creation - ALL Q391.0944

James, Charles
MARTIN, RICHARD - Charles James - ALL A746.92092

Karan, Donna
SISCHY, INGRID - Donna Karan: New York - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available


SANDERICHIN, GINETT - Kenzo - ALL A746.92092


Lacroix, Christian
BAUDOT, FRANCOIS - Christian Lacroix - Lending Copy Available
LACROIX, CHRISTIAN - Pieces of pattern - ALL AQ746.92092
MAURIES, PATRICK - Christian Lacroix - ALL AQ746.92092

Lanvin, Jeanne
BARILLE, ELISABETH - Lanvin - ALL A746.92092

Moschino, Franco
CASADIO, MARIUCCIA - Moschino, Mariuccia Casadio - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy

McCardell, Claire
LEE, SARAH TOMERLIN American Fashion - ALL AQ746.92
YOHANNAN, KOHLE - Claire McCardell, refining modernism - ALL Q746.92092 Fashion Collection
and AQ746.92092

VERCELLONI, ISA - Missonologia, the world of MissoniALL AQ746.92
ALL A746.920922

Miyake, Issey
HOLBORN, MARK - Issey Miyake - ALL AQ746.92092
KRIES, MATEO - A-POC making: Issey Miyake and Dai Fujimara - ALL A746.92
MIYAKE, ISSEI - Issey Miyake: making things - ALL EC 22372
MIYAKE, ISSEI - East meets West - ALL AF746.92
PENN, IRVING - Issey Miyake - ALL AQ746.92


Mugler, Thierry
BAUDOT, FRANCOIS -Thierry Mugler - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available
DELOFFRE, CLAUDE - Thierry Mugler - ALL AQ746.92092


Oldfield, Bruce
OLDFIELD, BRUCE - Bruce Oldfields season - ALL A746.92, Lending Copy Available
OLDFIELD, BRUCE Rootless - ALL A746.92, Lending Copy Available

Ossie (Raymond Clark)
WATT, JUDITH - Ossie Clark 1965-74 - ALL AQ746.92, Lending Copy Available


POIRET, PAUL - French fashion plates in full colour from Gazette Du bon ton (1912-25) 58 illustrations of styles by Paul Poiret, Worth, Paquin and others - ALL AQ391.0944
VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM - Paquin and Worth, fashion drawings 1865-1956 - ALL G746.92 Microfilm

ETHERINGTON-SMITH, Meredith - Patou - ALL A746.92, Lending Copy Available

Pucci, Emilio
KENNEDY, SHIRLEY - Pucci, a renaissance in fashion - ALL AQ391.0945

Paco, Rabane
KAMITSIS, LYDIA - Paco Rabanne - ALL A746.92092

Rhodes, Zandra
RHODES, ZANDRA -The Art of Zandra Rhodes - ALL A746.92, Lending Copy Available
RHODES, ZANDRA - a lifelong love affair with textiles - ALL AQ746.92, Lending Copy Available


Yves Saint Laurent
BERGE, PIERRE - Yves Saint Laurent - Lending Copy Available
RAWSTHORN ALICE - Yves Saint Laurent: a biography - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available
YVES SAINT LAURENT - Yves Saint Laurent: images of design 1958-1988 - ALL AQ746.92
YVES SAINT LAURENT - Yves Saint Laurent, the Metropolitan Museum of Art - ALL AQ746.92


Ungaro, Emanuel
ORBAN, CHRISTINE - Emanuel Ungaro - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available

MORRIS, BERNADINE - Valentino - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available
VALENTINO - Valentino 30 years of magic - ALL AQ746.92

Versace, Gianni
MARTIN, RICHARD - Versace - ALL A746.92092
TURNER, LOWRI - Gianni Versace, fashions last emperor - ALL A746.92
WHITE , NICOLA - Gianni Versace - ALL 746.92092
WILCOX, CLAIRE -The Art and craft of Gianni Vesace - ALL AQ746.92, Lending Copy Available


Westwood, Vivienne
CONNOLLY, SEAN - Vivienne Westwood - ALL 746.92, Lending Copy Available
KRELL, GENE - Vivienne Westwood - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available
MULVAGH, JANE - Vivienne Westwood: and unfashionable life - ALL A746.92092, Lending Copy Available
VERMOREL, FRED - Fashion and Perversity - A746.92092, Lending Copy Available
WESTWOOD, VIVIENNE - Vivienne Westwood - ALL EC 22803
WILCOX, CLAIRE - Vivienne Westwood - ALL AQ746.92

www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/1231_vivienne_westwood/ (Details of an exhibition in 2004)

Worth, Charles Frederick
DE MARLY, DIANA Worth, Father of Haute Couture - A391.09

BAUDOT, FRANCOIS - Yohji Yamamoto - ALL A746.92092

General Books on Fashion Designers

Material can be found at 746.92 on the shelves, the following are kept in the store and can be requested at the enquiry desk in Arts, Languages and Literature.

Ernestine Carter
Magic names in fashion, 1980
ALL A391.09

Georgina Howell
Sultans of style, thirty years of fashion and passion 1960-90, 1990
ALL A746.92

Martin Battersby
Art deco fashion, French designers, 1908 - 1925, 1974
ALL AQ746.92

Sarah Tomerlin Lee
American fashion, the life and times of Adrian Mainbocher, McCardell, Norell, Trigere, 1976
ALL AQ746.92

Stephen Gan
Visionaire 2001, designers of the new Avant Garde, 1999
ALL AF746.92

Mark Tungate
Fashion Brands, 2005
ALL 746.92

Valerie Steele
Women of fashion, twentieth-century designers, 1991
ALL AF746.92

Web Resources

There are a wide range of internet sites available and these are just a sample.

Biographies and profiles on designers and professionals in the apparel, textile and accessories industries.

Find out about your favourite fashion designers, including little-known facts, early work experience, and famous quotes.

Below is just a sample of the nearly 200 designers listed on this site.

Look at their whos who covering 44 fashion designers and models, Celebrity Gallery and Catwalk photographs and reports as well as much more.