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Science Library: Health and Medicine

A wide range of information resources on health and medicine (books, journals, etc.) are available in the Science Library. As well as resources for health professionals, there is a large amount of material to assist students and researchers and to help the non-specialist find general information about conditions, ailments and the latest treatments.

The Health Studies / Medicine Collection, broadly aimed at health professionals, students or people with some knowledge of a given topic are arranged using the Dewey Decimal Classification.

General Health










Public Health / Forensic Medicine




Pathology (Disease Medicine)


Mental Health (Psychiatry)



Obstetrics /Gynaecology 618
Pediatrics 618.92
Geriatrics 618.97

To reflect the growing interest among people from all walks of life to be better informed about their own health or health issues in general and to enable them to make more and better informed lifestyle choices, the books in the Health Information Collection are aimed at individuals who have little or no knowledge of a given health topic, subject area or condition. They may have been diagnosed with a condition and simply want to help themselves, they may be caring for someone else with a particular health condition, or they may simply wish to know more about any one of a wide range of conditions or health-related issues.

To further improve services available for people seeking general health information we also have a Health Loan Collection which is arranged using the HE categories listed below. These items, identified by means of a ‘Health Loan Collection’ spine label, can be borrowed by using the self issue machine which is located near the collection. We recognise that some people may wish to borrow material which can be read at home. This also enables someone to share the information more easily with family and friends or may help them when dealing with or seeking advice from health professionals.

Books in the Health Information Collection / Health Loan Collection are arranged in broad subject categories HE 1 to 14 and fall into three areas. They can be identified by the spine label ie. HE 1, HI 1

Family and Community Health

General Health

HE 1

Men’s Health

HE 6

Women’s Health

HE 7

Fertility / Pregnancy

HE 8

Children’s Health

HE 9

Chronic Diseases and llnesses HE10
Information for Carers HE 12
Disabilities HE 13
Mental Health HE 14

Health and Lifestyle

Fitness and Exercise

HE 2

Alcohol and Drugs HE 3
Diet and Nutrition HE 4
Sexual Health HE 5
Alternative Therapies HE 11

Health and Work including Health and Safety at Work and Work/Life Balance

The Health and Safety Collection is also arranged in broad subject categories.


Below is a list of the journals currently held on Floor 5. They range from research and professional journals to popular non-specialist titles comprehensively covering all areas of medicine and health.

Health and Medicine Journals

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