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Parker Collection of Children's Games

Some items in this collection of children's games from the last two centuries have recently been conserved and repackaged.


This project has been supported by MLA West Midlands: the regional council for Museums, Libraries and Archives.


Loco made by Chad Valley in Harborne is a railway journey game. There is a beautifully colourful board and three cast metal engines together with cardboard tickets.

Saucy Sybil and My Lady Betty

Saucy Sybil and My Lady Betty. Paper dolls have been popular with little girls for a long time and these are particularly fine examples.
Their costumes are those of a fashionable young girl in London in the 1890s.

Fancy Bazaar

Fancy Bazaar is a trading game. There are hand-coloured cards representing the stall holders and produce cards showing everything from cabbages to fancy goods.

The Golden Bottom of Trade

In The Golden Bottom of Trade, 12 figures, representing 6 necessary and 6 unnecessary businesses, are involved in a complicated game of dice throwing.

checking table and pieces


Lotto, also produced by "Chad Valley" at Harborne in about 1950, was sometimes known as 'House'.

Mrs Polly

Mrs Polly is a set of five jigsaws based on a picture book for young children. It was published by Frederick Warne & Co. in about 1950. This is the same publisher as the Beatrix Potter books.

The Little Flower-Maker

The Little Flower-Maker is a set of craft materials and illustrations for making flowers.

The Birds-Nest

The Birds-Nest - a series of four jigsaws.

Royal Post Stationery Set

Royal Post Stationery Set - A set of letter sheets, envelopes and mourning cards in a shaped cardboard 'posting-box' container.

'Introduction to Heraldry' Card Game

'Introduction to Heraldry' Card Game - Cards for children with Heraldic symbols

Urania's Mirror

Urania's Mirror an educational card pack designed to teach the constellations to children.

Peacock's Jigsaw

Peacock's Improved Double Dissection History and Geography Jigsaw - An educational jigsaw depicting, on the history side, scenes from Britain's past and, on the geography side, a map of Europe.

Parker Collection