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Starting Point Collection

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The Starting Point Collection contains introductory reference material for young people which reflects the subjects in theSocial Sciences Library.The Collection provides general and pictorial information and is well used by young people, students and adults.

Arts, Languages and Literature, and theScience Libraryalso have Starting Point Collections.

Social, political, historical and religious issues are examined in books found in the collection. If you want a study guide to aid you with GCSEs or A Levels, a balanced debate for a homework topic or just an introduction to a subject, the Starting Point Collection is the place to begin.

The Starting Point Collection is the place to begin to find out more about:
Philosophy and Religion, Sociology, Politics,Historyor Current Affairs

Useful Resources
The Starting Point collection has a lot of up-to-date topical reference books. Listed below is a selection of books found in the collection:

Issues Series
The series provides an informative and balanced debate about social issues e.g. Abortion, Censorship, Ageing Issues and Child labour.

Young Citizens Guides
Institutions that are found within the British Government and Politics are examined in this series e.g.
The Electoral System, Parliament and The European Union.

Icon Books
A popular illustrated series of books that give a lively introduction to a variety of subjects eg. Islam,
Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Sociology.

A Look at Life In...
A lively and informative series looking at life , the news, fashion, art, sport, leisure and scientific developments through the decades.

Wise Up
A collection of books on subjects of interest to young people and teenagers which are available for loan.

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