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Paranormal, Parapsychology and the Occult

Subject Areas Covered

To make it easier to locate material, the library uses the Dewey Classification system. This groups subjects using a numbering system. The following are the appropriate subject numbers for the Paranormal, Parapsychology and the Occult.

130 Paranormal phenomena
133 Parapsychology & the occult
133.4 Demonology & witchcraft
133.5 Astrology
133.8 Psychic phenomena
133.9 Spiritualism
135 Dreams & mysteries


As well as book material, Social Sciences holds a range of journals covering its various subject areas. Current titles relating to the paranormal, parapsychology and the occult are:


Dewey Number


Astrology Quarterly


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Paranormal Review


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Skeptical Inquirer


Open Shelves


Fortean Times

Society for Psychical Research

Goldsmith's College Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit

Social Sciences Library
Library Catalogue