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Art Therapy: a select reading list

Art Therapy is used to improve or maintain mental and emotional well-being. It can include the performing arts such as dance and drama or it can involve drawing, painting, sculpture or photography.

Arts, Languages and Literature (ALL) material is for use in the Library only. You will also find a selection of books to borrow in local Community Libraries and in Central Lending. You can use the online library catalogue to check the availability of material.

Art Therapy and Psychotherapy

Case, Caroline
Handbook of Art Therapy, 1992 ALL 707

Karp, Marcia
Handbook of Psychodrama, 2003 ALL 792.071

Edwards, David
Art Therapy, 2004 ALL 707

Evans, Kathy
Art therapy with children on the autistic spectrum, 2001 Lending Only

Feder, Bernard
Expressive arts therapies, 1981 ALL 707

Liebmann, Marian
Art therapy with offenders, 1994 SOS 364.3

Liebmann, Marian
Art therapy for groups; a handbook of themes and exercises, 2004 ALL 707

McNiff, Shaun
Art as medicine, 1994 ALL 707

Martin, Nicole
Art as an early intervention tool for children with autism, 2009 ALL 707

Rabin, Mury
Art therapy and eating disorders, 2003 ALL 707

Rees, Mair
Drawing on difference: art therapy with people who have learning difficulties, 1998 ALL 707

Rubin, Judith Aron
Child art therapy, 1984 ALL 707

Schaverien, Joy
The revealing image,1992 ALL 707

Ulman, Elinor
Art therapy viewpoints, 1980 ALL A701

Wadeson, Harriet
Art Psychotherapy, 1980 ALL 707

Waller, Diane
Art therapy: a handbook, 1992 ALL 707

Warren, Bernie
Using the creative arts in therapy, 1984 ALL 707

Bibliotherapy or Reading Therapy

Clarke, Jean M
Reading therapy, 1988 ALL 028.9

Jones, Eileen H.
Bibliotherapy with bereaved children, 2001 Lending Copies only

Rubin, Rhea Joyce
Using bibliotherapy, 1978 ALL 028.9

Also available for lending are a number of self help guides.

Dance, Theatre and Movement Therapy

Andersen-Warren, Madeline
Practical approaches to Dramatherapy, 2000 ALL 792.071

Astell-Burt, Caroline
I am the story: the art of puppetry, 2001 ALL 791.53

Cattanach, Ann
Drama for people with special needs, 1996 ALL 792.071

Chaiklin, Sharon and Wengrower, Hilda
The art and science of dance movement therapy 2009 ALL 792.8

Goodill, Sharon W
An introduction to medial dance/movement therapy, 2005 ALL 792.8

Howse, Justin and McCormack, Moira
Anatomy Dance Technique and injury prevention Health Exchange 617.10275

Jennings, Sue
The Handbook of Dramatherapy, 1994 ALL 792.071

Jennings, Sue
Dramatherapy with children and adolescents, 2007 ALL 792.02

Jennings, Sue
Dramatherapy and Social Theatre, 2009 ALL 792.071

Jones, Phil
Drama as therapy, 2005 ALL 792.071

Karp, Marcia
Handbook of Psychodrama, 2003 ALL 792.071

Levy, Fran J
Dance and other expressive art therapies, 1995, ALL 707

Newham, Paul
Using voice and theatre in therapy, 2000, Lending copy only

Meekums, Bonnie
Dance movement therapy, a creative psychotherapeutic approach, 2002 Lending Copy only

Payne, Helen
Dance Movement Therapy, 1992 ALL 792.8

Zarrilli, Phillip
Psychophysical acting, 2008 ALL 792.028

Association for Dance Movement Therapy UK - www.admt.org.uk
Aims to further communication amongst dance movement therapists, students & practitoners. Oversee a professional code of conduct and promote Dance Movement Therapy in the community.

British Association of Art Therapists - www.baat.org
The British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) is the professional organisation for art therapists in the United Kingdom and has its own Code of Ethics of Professional Practice.

British Association of Dramatherapists - www.badth.org.uk
The professional body for Dramatherapists in the United Kingdom. it was established in 1977.

Dance Voice - www.dancevoice.org.uk
Dance, voice therapy and education centre

Guardian, Tuesday November 13th, 2007 -education.guardian.co.uk/egweekly/story/0,,2209735,00.html

A place to hide and heal Insider Art - www.insiderart.org.uk
Offers a range of services and events to artists, health professionals, counsellors, arts therapists, care workers, to those working in the voluntary sector, education and social services and to students of many disciplines.

Jobs4UCareers Database

• Art therapists use art as a medium to help clients. They encourage clients to express difficult thoughts and feelings by using art materials like paint, paper and clay.

• Dramatherapy is a psychological therapy that uses creative methods to help people identify problems which are affecting their feelings or behaviour.


South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
- www.psychotherapy.slam.nhs.uk
Gives an outline of alternative therapies including dance and movement therapy

Theoretical Advances of Art Therapy 2002 Conference - www.baat.org/taoat/index.html