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Cookery in the Social Sciences Library

Is pizza your passion or is it pasta? Or curries or cakes? Imagine baking your own bread or making sumptuous pies or sticky puddings. Cookery books in the Social Sciences Library can show you how.

For more seasoned cooks and novices alike there are books with ideas to stimulate the imagination and advice to help out with more practical issues. If you're new to the world of cookery, learning to cook is easy! It's creative and it's fun. It's also the cheaper option and there are health benefits too.

There are cookery books from different countries all over the world. Many include cultural background about the country. For example, it is in Persian cookery that braised lamb, which is called Khoresh, is always served with at least one vegetable? There is a suggestion in one book on Jamaican cookery that Jerk Pork is best served with an ice cold lager and a reggae beat! Other books contain nutritional information as well as recipes and books on vegetarianism or vegan foods provide vital facts such as food combining, amino acids and the role of vitamin b12.

There are books on the more traditional tried and tested recipes, such as Macaroni Cheese (the student's stand-by) alongside more adventurous dishes such as Tagliatelle with Parma Ham and Asparagus. Madhur Jaffrey's books on classic Indian cooking take us on a tour of colourful regions and their recipes. Here you will find old favourites like Prawn Curry as well as less well-known recipes such as Chick Pea Flour Pancakes made with fresh chillis and ajwain seeds. These can be eaten as you would bread or as snack, or, for breakfast.

The range of books on English and British cookery includes the world famous Mrs Beeton's.
Here you will find how to dress a Capon or Poularde or roast a Green Goose and how to make a Pineapple Plombie or a Queen Mab's pudding. Delia Smith's How to Cook Books are the very latest for the beginner. If you want to know how to boil an egg then this is the place to look. There's nostalgia too, with Marguerite Patten's wartime publications with recipes, 'tips from the greengrocer' and messages of encouragement from the government of the day.

For those in education there are books for GCSE courses and, for the catering student, books on practical cookery. For the student of history, or those with just a passing interest, there are books with recipes from Anglo-Saxon England plus books on Medieval feasts, Georgian cookery and the culinary delights of Ancient Rome.

From Ayurveda to Zen there are recipes to suit every taste: books on Austrian Cookery, Jewish Cookery, American Country Cookery and recipes for jams and preserves, steaming, slow cooking, fish dishes, rice dishes, cheeses, chillies, soy foods, stir fry, summer puddings and many more.

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Subject area
To make it easier to locate material the library uses the Dewey Classification system. This groups subjects using a numbering system. The appropriate numbers for Cookery are:

642Food preparation
647.2Hospitality and Catering

Please note that books on nutrition can be found in the Science Library (floor 5).
Food Science is at 664, General Nutrition is at 613.4 and Diet and Nutrition is at HE4 in that area.

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