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Interested in painting techniques? Want an introduction to the world of art and crafts?

The Arts, Languages and Literature library has what you need. Choose your topic from our selection of videos on Film and Theatre, Dance, Painting and Sculpture.

Below is an example of the material we have available for viewing within the Library. We provide all the necessary equipment free of charge. Please check the Library Catalogue to see if we have the item you want, and visit us the next time you are in the city centre.

You can borrow videos from Central Lending Library and from Sutton Coldfield Library. Items borrowed from the Central Lending Library can be watched in Information Services, but any hire charges will need to be paid.


The Garden 1990 88 minutes, Director: Derek Jarman

Silent Cinema Stars 2006 193 minutes

Digital Shorts 2004 80 minutes (less than 10 min in length) is designed to support the next generation of filmmakers who are both technological and creative innovators. 8 short digital films

Laban 2004 produced by Laban centre for movement and dance.



Francis Bacon by Francis Giacobetti 2005

Basquiat 107 minutes 1997, Director: Julian Schnabel Starring: Gary Oldman, Dennis Hopper, Courtney Love

Bauhaus 50 minutes 1995, Written and presented by Frank Whitford

Arthur Boyd 51 minutes Dir: D.Featherstone

Blast: history of vorticism. Wyndham Lewis and other British Artists. Colour, 23 min, 1975 ARTS COUNCIL

Europe after rain- Dada and Surrealism 88 minutes 1978 Written and directed : Mick Gold

Paul Delvaux: the sleepwalker of Saint- idesbald 59 minutes 1987 Dir: Adrian Maben

Drawing and painting people 3 parts

Marcel Duchamp 56 minutes 1995

Employing the image

Jacob Epstein. Rebel angel 52 minutes 1987, Director: Catherine Collis

Max Ernst 102 1991

Fathers of pop art. The Independent Group. ICA. Paolozzi, Lawrence Alloway, Richard Hamilton, Rayner Banham, A & P Smithson, Toni del Renzio. Colour, 47 min. 1979 ARTS COUNCIL

Five women painters: Eileen Agar, Nina Hamnet, Dame Laura Knight, Dora Carrington & Winifred Nicholson

Lucio Fontana 1985 50 minutes, Dir: Pierre Neel

Gilbert and George 26 minutes 2002

Frans Hals of Antwerp 55 minutes 1996, Director: Jonne Severijn

A bigger splash 100 minutes 1974, David Hockney

David Hockney 52 minutes 1995, Director: Don Featherstone

Patric Hughes Reverspective

Roy Lichtenstein 50 minutes 1991, Director:Chris Hunt

Conroy Maddox: Surreal enigma 30 minutes 1995, Interview with Silvano Levy

Robert Motherwell & the New York School: Storming the citadel 56 minutes 1990, Director; Catherine Tatge

Mosaccio 40 minutes 1996

Helmut Newton 96 minutes 1996, Director: Adrian Maben

The real Rembrandt: the search for a genius 54 minutes 1991, Director: Kees Van Lnageraad

The Saatchi 50 minutes 2003

Stanley Spencer
54 minutes 1979, Director: David Rowan

40 minutes 1995

Vincent: the full story 145 minutes 2005, Presented by Waldemar Januszczak , a shown on Channel Four

Frank Lloyd Wright 74 minutes 1983, Director: Murray Grigor


England. Home and Beauty 1975 38 minutes, Dir: C.Mason

Floramondi flower arrangements

Jewellery design and making

Kites. Kite-makers and kite fliers. Colour, 28 min, 1980 ARTS COUNCIL

Living treasures of Japan 60 minutes 1986

Our business is fun: Fairground decoration. Colour, 60 min, 1975 ARTS COUNCIL

The story of fashion Vol. 1 64 minutes 1987, Vol. 2 64 minutes 1987, Vol. 3 61 minutes 1987


Alvin Ailey
DVD 1986 108 minutes, Director: Thomas Grimm

American Ballet Theatre Now 1998 90 minutes, with: Alessandra Ferri, Paloma Herrera, Vladimir Malakhov

Ballet Black: LES BALLETS NEGRES, 1946 1950. Colour, 83 min, 1986 ARTS COUNCIL

Bamboo dream 88 minutes 2002, Director: Ross MacGibbon Cloud gate dance theatre of Taiwan

Celtic Feet Dance Company

Dance House: 12 short modern pieces, including choreographers Gary Lambert, Kim Brandstrup, Aleta Collins, Jacob Marley. Colour, 60 min, 1990 ARTS COUNCIL

Dance Theatre of Harlem

The Dream. American Ballet Theatre. 2004 54 minutes, Choreography: Frederick Ashton, Starring: Alessandra Ferri, Ethan Stiefel and Hermon Cornejo

Giselle 2000 104 minutes, Choreography: Marins Petipa, Starring: Christine Walsh and Kelvin Coe

The glory of Kirov Ballet

Hobsons Choice Birmingham Royal Ballet

Hoppla 1989 52 minutes, Wolfgang Kolb, based on 2 Bartok choreographies by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

The killing of Kirmira
1995 210 minutes, Based on scenes from Indias great epic

Manon 1982 115 min, Choreography: Kenneth Macmillan, with: Jennifer Penney, Anthony Dowell David Wale

Margot Fonteyn

Nijinsky 1980 125 minutes, Director: Herbert Ross Starring: Alan Bates and Leslie Browne

Nutcracker Sweeties and The Judas Tree Birmingham Royal Ballet

Paris dances Diaghilev

Royal Opera House. Opening celebration 153 minutes, Placido Domingo, Deborah Polaski & The Royal Ballet

Rudolf Nureyev

Sleeping Beauty Kirov Ballet

Spring Reloaded parts 3, 5, 6

Still life at the Penguin cafe The Royal Ballet

Swan Lake

Yo-Yo Ma Inspired by Bach


Century of cinema, part 1 typically British Irish Cinema, part 2 A personal journey Martin Scorsese

The making of Ian Flemings Chitty chitty bang bang 65 minutes 2002, Director: Rob Bagshaw

The making of Jurassic Park 50 minutes 1995, Director: John Schultz

Reading movies

Seeing for ourselves
. Circles Group: Women working in film. 1980s Colour, 56 min, 1983 ARTS COUNCIL

Shepperton Studio Trailers DVD 2005, Contains 12 classic film trailers from Shepperton based films

Margaret Tait, Scottish film makerColour, 35 min. Channel 4 1983. ARTS COUNCIL

Vision of light. The art of Cinematography


W.Eugene Smith 1989 89 minutes, Dir: Gene Lasko


High fire: Record of the last firing of the kilns at Puisaye, France. Colour, 52 min, 1983 ARTS COUNCIL.

Mud and water man: Michael Cardew, Potter. Colour, 50 min, 1973. ARTS COUNCIL.

Pottery ladies part 1: Charlotte Rhead. Colour, 26 min, 1985 ARTS COUNCIL

Pottery ladies part 2: Art Deco pottery: the Bizarre Girls and Clarice Cliff. Colour, 26 min 1985 ARTS COUNCIL


B & W 14 min. ARTS COUNCIL.

Grizdale, a sense of place. Grizedale Forest Sculpture Project, Colour, 52 min. 1989 ARTS COUNCILJacques Lipchitz 1977 59 minutes Dir: Bruce Bassett.

Just what is it? Sculpture using found objects. Edward Allington, Anish Kapoor, Julian Opie, David Mach, Tony Cragg, Bill Woodrow. Colour, 52 min, 1984 ARTS COUNCIL

Kinetics. Record of 1970 exhibition. Hayward Gallery, Takis, Soto, Tinguely, Kenneth Martin, Philip Vaughan.Jacques Lipchitz 1977 59 minutes Dir: Bruce Bassett.

Rachel Whiteread. House


Being and doing:
Origins of performance art, various European artists. Colour, 58 min, 1984 ARTS COUNCIL

Contemporary Japanese performance arts:Colour, 52 min, 1989 ARTS COUNCIL

Sir John Gielgud

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