Birmingham City Council

Business and Learning - Job Library

The Job Library in the Learning Centre is a collection of material covering aspects of education, careers, job-hunting and small business development. There is always at least one reference copy of each title, and for most titles there are additional copies that may be loaned.

We endeavour to keep the Job Library as up to date as possible and purchase new material regularly. We try to ensure that all items were published within the last two years.

The Job Library has material in the following areas:

  • Careers
  • Study Skills
  • Training
  • Self-Employment
  • Jobsearch Skills
  • Working Abroad
  • Voluntary Work
  • Vacation Work
  • Money to Study
  • Adult Education
  • Changing your Career
  • Education Abroad
  • Further & Higher Education
  • Postgraduate Studies
  • Graduate Careers
  • Careers 16-18

Learning Centre in Birmingham Central Library