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Learning Centre - ESOL Collection

Are you:
  • an asylum seeker or refugee?
  • someone who wants to set up a business but does not have the business language skills?
  • waiting to take IELTS tests or the FCE examinations and need to practice?
  • or do you just need to improve your English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary?

In the Learning Centre we have CD-ROMs, books and audio cassettes to help you improve your English. These are available for loan or to use in the library.

  • The Grammar CD-ROM
  • Grammar for Intermediate, Higher Intermediate and Advanced Users
  • Focus on Grammar - Intermediate, Higher Intermediate and Advanced CD-ROM
  • FCE Grammar Exam Specimen papers
  • Better spelling
  • Foundation spelling
  • Interactive Picture Dictionary CD-ROM
  • Cambridge Learner's Dictionary
  • Advance Learner's Dictionary
  • Various reading books with cassettes & CDs
  • TOEFL Mentor
  • First Certificate in English
  • IELTS - a wide range of books with cassettes/CDs
  • Citizen of the World CD-ROM
  • Headway books and cassettes
  • True to Life books and cassettes
  • Listen Hear books and cassettes
  • Activate your English course books
  • Learn English-Beginners CD-ROM
  • Learn English-Intermediate CD-ROM
  • Learn English-Advanced DVD-ROM
  • Let's Do Business CD-ROM
  • English for Business
  • Telephoning in English

For further information, telephone the Learning Centre on 0121 303 4306 or email us

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