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Folk and World Music Web Sites

cd roots

CD Roots
A site offering a range of esoteric folk and world music releases to buy on CD. Reviews and descriptions of the CDs are provided.


Site documenting British, Irish and American folksongs and ballads, including lyrics, Midi files and history.

country stars online

Country Stars
A Country & Western site, with news, reviews and features direct from Nashville. Profiles of country legends and classic albums provide an overview of the genre.


Folk music site containing album reviews, gig reviews and interviews, as well as information regarding upcoming gigs and festivals.


The online version of the popular folk and roots music magazine. The site takes as broad a view of what constitutes roots music as possible and strives to be inclusive. Features a history of world music.

roots world

Roots World
Music from every corner of the globe, from tribal rhythms to Brazilian flamenco. In-depth reviews and interviews, with Real Audio clips, and MP3 downloads.

world music network

World Music Network
A world music site including interviews, information on new releases and mp3s.

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