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Out There - Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender books for young people

This webpage highlights resources for young people available from Birmingham Libraries about lesbian, gay, bisexual and trangender life. You can also download two useful packs:

LGBT books and support for young people

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LGBT resources for parents, carers and teachers

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David Levithan -Boy Meets Boy (0007191375)
Paul is gay and has no problem about that, but has plenty of others. The new boy Noah, who he would really like to go out with, has heard he hugged his ex Kyle and doesnt believe it was innocent. Perhaps Kyle doesn't think it was either. Then there is Joni who has been his friend for years but may not want to be any more; Tony whose parents wont let him go out unless it is with a girl and the school dance to plan& An American high school novel like no other. A very upbeat and unusual book, funny and life affirming.

Ellen Wittlinger -Hard Love (0689872577)
From their first meeting Marisol tells John she is a Puerto Rican Cuban Yankee , rich spoiled lesbian, and that she believes it is important to tell the truth. John says he tells the truth but he doesn't always. He says his name is Giovanni and that he is happy for them to be just friends.

Julie Anne Peters - Between Mom and Jo (9780316067102)
The story of a teenage boy caught in the middle when his parents split up. Nick has been raised by two moms. But everything changes when his birth mom and her partner Jo start to have problems. Suddenly, Nick is in the middle.

Linda Newbery - The Shell House (0385603894)
Two teenage boys from two different times, modern day and World War One but both generations face similar conflicts of love, faith, sexuality and duty to family. Greg, the modern teenager is trying to sort out his life and gets involved in restoring an old house. This links him to Edward and Alex, young soldiers in a gay relationship in less tolerant times.

Ted Van Lieshout - Brothers (0007112319)
This isn't the beginning. It's the end of your diary. I sneaked into your room and searched through the drawers in your desk until I found it... Luke's brother has died but through his diary they are able to talk about things they couldn't discuss when he was alive. This is a touching teenage novel about coming out.

Maureen Johnson - The Bermudez Triangle (0141319186)
The Bermudez Triangle are Nina Bermudez, and her 2 friends Avery and Mel. They've been soulmates for years, sharing every bit of their lives and inner most thoughts. But then Nina goes off to summer camp and falls in love whilst Avery and Mel put their relationship on a new level by becoming lovers. The Bermudez Triangle is a sensitvie, yet compelling story of the journey of sexual discovery for each of the girls. Throughout the year, each of the friends, in turn, pulls away from the Triangle, but in the end realises that true friendship will always win through.

Dale Peck - Sprout (9780747577621)
Sprout has a secret but it isn’t that he is gay, that his father is an alcoholic or that home is an ivy covered trailer. Nor do those things alone define him. This is a very moving and very funny coming of age story about a teenage boy growing up rural Kansas. It is told in the first person in a combination of directly addressing the reader and extracts from essays about his life, written to practice for an essay writing competition that may just provide him with a way out if he wins. It is a book that has a lot of fun with language through definitions, puns, innuendo and double entendre. It is also a love story about finding and losing love and is full of interesting and eccentric characters. Highly recommended for older teenagers.

Jane Summer (ed) - Not the Only One (1555838340)
This is a collection of 21 short stories for young people by top gay and lesbian authors. The stories are give hope and inspiration to teenagers facing gay and lesbian issues as they either come out themselves or discover a friend and family member is gay.

Other novels for young people include

Aiden Chambers - Postcards from No Man's Land (0099408627)
Julia Clarke - Between You and Me (0192752340)
Emma Donoghue - Stir-Fry (0140230831)
Tony Grima - Not the Only OneLesbian and gay fiction for teens(1555838340)
R.J. Hamilton - Who framed Lorenzo Garcia (1555836089)
Jean Ure - Get a Life (1841218316)

Non Fiction

Craig Donnellan - Sexuality (issues series) (1861681798)
A collection of short articles and extracts, taken from a variety of sources including magazines, newspapers, government reports and literature from lobby groups. It covers many aspects of being a young LGBT person today. The different views are presented uncritically side by side leaving it up to the reader to evaluate them and decide what they agree with. A useful starting point for information, with a helpful list of organisations and web sites at the back.

Birmingham Libraries have non fiction for young people on a variety of subjects including health and sexuality. Titles include;

Michelangelo Signorile - Outing Yourself: How to come out as lesbian or gay to your family, friends and colleagues (0349106797)
Miriam Stoppard - Sex Ed.Growing up, relationships and sex (0751304387)
Two teenagers in twenty: writings by lesbian and gay youth (1555832822)
Judith E. Snow -How it feels to have a gay or lesbian parent: A book by kids for kids of all ages. (1560234202). Children and young adults who have a gay or lesbian parent describe in their own words how and when they learned of their parent's sexual orientation and the effect it had on them - and their families.

All of these fiction and non fiction books can be reserved free of charge online through thelibrary catalogue.

Lesbian and gay book collections

Libraries all around the city have books which feature lesbian and gay characters. Some libraries also have a separate Lesbian and Gay book collection where you can find lots of these books shelved together. These collections are usually aimed at adults but will include books that teenagers could read. Staff at your local library will be happy to talk to you about any books in the library. Libraries which have a special collection include:The Library of Birmingham, Acocks Green, Kings Heath, Selly Oak and Stirchley.

Books for parents with younger children

Leslea Newman - Mommy, Mama and Me
Leslea Newman - Daddy, Papa and Me

These board books follow the daily routine of two toddlers having fun with their two dads and two mums. The text is in simple rhyme. "Who wants to play with me today?" "I do" Daddy and Papa say.

Kate Settington - Mom and Mum are Getting Married
Rosie is delighted her two mothers are getting married but disappointed that their plans do not include the need for a bridesmaid. She wants to know what there will be to eat, will there be a big cake, what she will wear and joins her family and friends in planning a perfect day. The wedding takes place out of doors and in spite of last minute ring panics is a happy, loving occasion. For children aged 4-8.

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender history

If you are interested in history or would like to do your own research the Archives, Heritage and Photography section of the Library of Birmingham is building a collection of LGBT source material.

Useful Websites

For information and advice try these websites:

Help and Advice for Young People
Educate and Celebrate

The Educate and Celebrate Programme

LGBT History month

Out Central Birmingham
Out Central is a Birmingham Youth Service project for all young people aged 13 to 19 who may be lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or questioning their sexuality. You can take part in activities, discussions or just spend time with young people and make new friends. Staff are friendly, approachable and able to offer information, advice and support on a range of issues.
Please ring 0121 622 4570 for more information.
Or email Claire.E.Hughes@birmingham.gov.uk

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