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Achievement by India Miller

India Miller was the fifth Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham.

India performed this poem at the Young People's Achievement Awards.
Find out more in her blog.


Crossing over the finish line
Scoring a goal in the nick of time
It’s this that counts

Getting a job that’s perfect for you
Spending your pay on a new pair of shoes
It’s this that counts

Choreographing a winning dance
Rounds of applause at the performance
It’s this that counts

Finally nailing a physics test
(Thanks to hard work and one lucky guess!)
It’s this that counts

Mastering those impossible chords
Getting together a track to record
It’s this that counts

A group of friends who make you laugh
Finding time to sit and chat
It’s this that counts

When we look back, when things have changed
We’ll look at what we’ve done and say,
‘It’s this that counts’

And when the world’s a different place
Our efforts shaping every trace
Inside it, then we’ll see:

It’s us who count