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The Bookstart Books for Babies pack is delivered by Health Visitors when they do the initial home visit after your baby has been born. Health visitors usually get in touch about 2 weeks after the birth of your baby to arrange this visit. If you did not receive a pack from your health visitor please contact your local library.

The Bookstart Treasure Bag pack will be given out at your child's nursery. Deliveries of Treasure bags to LEA nurseries and Private and Voluntary nurseries for the academic year 2012-13 will happen between October 2012 and March 2013. Packs are for children in their preschool year and there is only one pack available for each child even if they attend two or more nursery settings. If your child does not attend nursery then please contact your local library for your Treasure Bag.

News Update: All deliveries to LEA nurseries have been made. Deliveries to private and voluntary nurseries with names beginning A-G have been made, deliveries to private and voluntary nurseries with names beginning H to Z will be made during May, June and July.

Special packs for Children with additional needs. If you have a child who is deaf, or has a visual impairment, you can obtain a special Booktouch or Bookshine pack in addition to the regular Bookstart packs. Please let your Health Visitor or Nursery know if your child needs one of these packs. If your child does not attend nursery then please contact your local library.

Give your baby a head start - share a book

All babies and toddlers are now entitled to two FREE Bookstart packs before they start school.

2 steps to a lifetime of enjoyment and discovery...

Step one - Bookstart Baby

Share books every day for just a few minutes

Point to the pictures and talk about the story

Join in at a session for under 5s at a library near you

Babies can join the library as soon as they are born.

There is no charge for damage to books

It is all absolutely FREE

The Bookstart Baby bag contains two board books and other goodies. For babies aged 0 to 12 months. Available from Health Visitors or libraries (only one pack per child).

Step two - Bookstart Treasure Bags

Develop the foundations of reading

Talk to your child about the stories and characters

Point to the text as you read

Take pre-school children to the library

Let them choose more books to read together

The new Bookstart Treasure bag contains two picture books and other goodies. For children in the year before starting school reception class. Available from your child's nursery or from a library if your child is cared for at home. (Only one pack per child).

How can I get my first Bookstart pack?

You should be given one by your Health Visitor at your baby's first development check. If you do not receive one then, you can arrange to pick up a pack from your local library and register your baby as a member at the same time.

Special Booktouch and Bookshine packs are available for children with particular needs - ask your health visitor.

Bookstart helpline:0121 303 3270.

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