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Diverse Birmingham

Over the years, Birmingham has become a place where different ethnic groups live. People from all over the world still come to the city and make it their home.

This page contains links to information about some of these different nationalities. You can find out about the history of the different communities and even contribute your own memories for us to share with others.

This page is currently being updated, so we aplogise that many of the links have been temporarily removed.

Afghanistan | Bangladesh | Bosnian | Chinese | Cyprus | Greece | India | Iran | Ireland |
Italy | Jewish | Kurdish| Latin American | Pakistan | Polish | Somali | Sudan| Vietnamese
West Indian |Yemen

Some useful links:
Celebrating Sanctuary- Birmingham and the refugee experience
Books about Birmingham communities
Moving here web site- 200 years of migration to England
Web sites for newly arrived people in Birmingham

The Afghani Community

People from Afghanistan

Bangladeshi person
The Bangladeshi Community

Bengali Web Sites

Library Services for the Bangladeshi Community

Bosnian Scenery
Bosnians and Ethnic Albanians

Bosnian and Ethnic Albanian people

Chinese Lion Dance
The Chinese Community

Chinese History in Birmingham

The Cypriot Community

Information for the Cypriot Community

The Greek Community

Information for the Greek Community

Young Indian Man
The Indian and South Asian Community

A brief history of the Indian Community

The Iranian Community

People from Iran

Iranian Websites

Irish Marching Band
The Irish Community

History of the Irish in Birmingham

Irish History and Family History

Information for the community

The Italian Community

A Brief History of the Italian Community

Interior of a Synagogue
The Jewish Community

A brief history of the Jews in Birmingham

Jewish Web Sites

Kurdish Woman
The Kurdish Community

Kurdish people

Man in sombrero
The Latin American Community

Information for the Latin American community

The Pakistani Community

Pakistani Web Sites

A Brief History of the Pakistani Community

The Polish Community

Information for the Polish Community

History of the Polish community in Birmingham

The Somali Community

People from Somalia

Sudanese couple
The Sudanese Community

History of the community

The Vietnamese Community

The Vietnamese community in Birmingham

Wonan at a carnival
The West Indian Community

Early Black Presence in Birmingham

Experience of Black people in Birmingham

The Yemeni Community

History of Yemenis in Birmingham

For more information on these countries you could go to the Find-our-Community web site at www.find-our-community.net

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