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Harborne High Street Landmarks

The Don Wright Collection includes a visual history of how Harborne High Street has developed.

Harborne High Street 1904

This is a view of Harborne High Street from 1904. The Clock Tower is the distinctive feature of the first Board School to be built in Harborne (1881).

To the right of the photograph is the shop of William Gardner, the maker of the Board School clock.
William Gardner

A more detailed photograph of William Gardner's shop, dated 1900. This is a copy of the original image in the possession of his family in the United States.
Junction Inn and High Street Harborne, 1905

The Junction Inn (now o'Neills) and the High Street, c. 1905. The Junction had been built on the site of an earlier pub in a prominent position on the High Street.

The horse-trough in front of the building was a popular landmark. It is the subject of an often asked question: 'Whatever happened to...?'

A view of Prince's Corner, c. 1905.

It is often said to have been named in honour of the visit of the Prince of Wales in 1923. In fact the name was in use at a much earlier date and would refer to Prince Albert, the Prince Regent. Albert Road and Albert Walk adjoin the corner.
Junction of Harborne High Street and Greenfield Road, c. 1910

The junction of High Street and Greenfield Road, c. 1910.

The building in the centre of the photograph is remembered by many as the old police station. It was originally built as the first free school in Harborne. It was demolished in 1995.
Green Man Public House, Harborne, 1939

The Green Man public house, 1939.

This pub had been the home of the Gooseberry Growers' Society throughout the nineteenth century, and up until 1923. National success was achieved in 1875, with the exhibiting of 'Bobby', the 'largest berry in all England'.

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