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'Carl Chinn is a Brummie and a professor of Community History at Birmingham University. He is a popular journalist, broadcaster and writer as well as a passionate defender of Birmingham and its people. He believes that history belongs to everyone.'


These books are not available for purchase during the move from Birmingham Central Library to the Library of Birmingham.

You can still reserve copies for loan through the online catalogue.

Birmingham - The Great Working City
Carl Chinn

The history of Birmingham can only be understood by acknowledging the contribution of those who transformed it from an insignificant hamlet into a great European city. The city has always been a magnet of work opportunities and enterprise for people from around the world. In this major study Carl brings alive the energy, determination, hard work and initiative of Birmingham's people, wherever they came from.

Birmingham Irish
Birmingham Irish
Making Our Mark
Carl Chinn

"Birmingham Irish: Making Our Mark" Shows how and why the Irish community in Birmingham developed. It shows how the community enriched the social, cultural, commercial and political life of the city from the 1820s to the 1990s.

It presents the varied experiences of the Irish in Birmingham, as others saw them and how they saw themselves.

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